MFG 2015: Seed Starting Mixes, Vegetable Seed Flats & Cells and How to Water Seed Starts

This video talks about what type of vegetable seed starting mix to buy, seed cells and flats, how to prepare the mix and pack the cells and how and when to w…
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11 Responses to “MFG 2015: Seed Starting Mixes, Vegetable Seed Flats & Cells and How to Water Seed Starts”

  1. Another fantastic video Gary. Where were you 5 years ago when I had to
    figure this stuff out all by myself, (joke.) It looks like you start you
    seeds the same way I do, and I can say it has worked well for me. The only
    thing different that I do is I make my own seed starter with 75% coconut
    coir and 25% worm castings no vermic/perlite. I realize that the seed
    itself has enough nutrient to grow until the true leaves develop, but my
    plants have done so much better in the long run since I have been adding
    the castings. The coir is cheap and very easy to store since it is super
    compact initially. I haven’t found anything that holds the water as well
    and doesn’t have the problem with rot or fungus. I started bottom watering
    a few years ago and it has made a significant difference in the quality of
    my plants. Thanks again for sharing, you are putting on a nice clinic with
    this series of videos. 

  2. Thanks for the tips +Gary Pilarchik. In general i follow your way to grow
    my seeds and container plants. Btw, are u no longer using peatmoss as
    starting seed soil?

  3. I live in the mid-west and plan to plant about the first week in May. When
    should I start my pepper seeds indoor? Thanks

  4. hi Gary ,very useful video,when do you atert your seedlings please advice
    me,I am in Toronto

  5. Thanks Gary. I also use coco coir but now will start adding worm castings
    since I have a worm farm. You are the PhD in seed germination. Also you for
    got to mention using a heating mat, I know you have mentioned it on other

  6. I’ve been watching your videos for the last year and they have helped me a
    lot, thanks to you my daughter’s lil garden has become a BIG garden and
    she’s really loving it, thank you.

  7. Can I use this method on flower seeds?

  8. Very good video. Clear. Concise. And very helpful. Last year was my first
    year of starting my own seeds. Your videos helped me get it done. Thanks.

  9. Thanks, Gary!

  10. Thank you Gary. I follow your ‘rules’ last year and everything works very

  11. This is the first video for the 2105 season. I will making a sequential
    series of the 2015 season. First off is seed starting.