Minecraft – How To make a Garden and How to plant seeds

In This Video i am going to show you how to plant and also to make a garden Enjoy! :)
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  1. Are you playing in PC version

  2. Thank u so much!!!

  3. I be a drama queen Reply November 19, 2014 at 9:37 am

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  4. have you found emeralds. i did

  5. it worked thx dude but it isn’t right click it’s left click right click is
    to destroy

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  10. I had trouble with using a hoe but then I found my ex…

  11. Is it tekkit or technic or others

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  13. This was Helpful. Thank u

  14. minecraft on xbox is version 1.6 or something. getting seeds might be
    different. I think to get seeds in 1.6 you need a hoe and right click on

  15. Go weegee

  16. Beta….?

  17. Thanks man now I won’t starve to death on minecraft

  18. you need a hoe lol, i know its a tool but it sounds weird

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  20. dude im sorry but you suck at building

  21. it not working for me

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