Minecraft Mods – FARMING ENDERMEN Mod ! Garden-dermen Till Your Farm & Plant Crops !

GameChap and Bertie inspect the rather bizarre, yet jolly good, Enderman Farmers modification! The nasty fellows have turned over a new leaf; huzzah! TO DOWNLOAD: forum.minecraftuser.jp Mod by uniunichan.

25 Responses to “Minecraft Mods – FARMING ENDERMEN Mod ! Garden-dermen Till Your Farm & Plant Crops !”

  1. they look like mexicans

  2. gamechap and bertie  you guys are so awsome that i had to subscribe

  3. Is this the Krusty Krab?

  4. sir creepelot explode

  5. Farmerman teehee

  6. No. this is Patrick!

  7. CreeperGonaCreepBro Reply February 15, 2013 at 2:01 am

    This is absolut madness. *Puts on sunglasses* No. THIS. IS. MINECRAFT!

  8. “Like an ender chest!” Wow Bertie knows the future

  9. I should tell you. In the Beta 1.8 demo at PAX, Endermen dropped diamonds as a placeholder for Ender Pearls. (Quote from Minecraft Wiki)

  10. what happensif you wack one

  11. Their getting ready for the farmers market. :3

  12. @bluebe123 What’s kindle gartoning???

  13. And you, sir, need to go back to kindergarten!

  14. and u sir sound like a 2 year old because NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!

  15. Exactly! He’s just some sort of idiot.

  16. I have no idea how that is the top comment.

  17. This was made on my 12th bday

  18. awkward moment when both top comments can’t spell

  19. lol enderfarmers

  20. spell thumbs correctly then i will

  21. When GameChap was standing on Garden-dermen’s crops, that derman just twitched his head signing to leave.

  22. a GardenEnderman party

  23. i got some watermelons

  24. The views are over nintyTHOUSAaAaAaAaND!!

  25. I wonder what happens when you hit them.