Mittleider Gardening: In-Garden Greenhouse, How To Build

Building an in-garden greenhouse for your Mittleider garden will protect your plants from wind, cold, heat and insects thus making your vegetable plants heal…
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  1. Hi, just found your stuff. Thanks by the way. Question: did you install center post in cement? Very nice. What area do you live in? Can it work well in the Pacific Northwest? Have a great day!!

  2. Thank you for your comments. This is a small time greenhouse for sure. The duct tape is a good idea. I have rolled and just lifted up the plastic on the side. Both ways seem to do well.

  3. not sure how windy its get there. on the one side, it might be better to roll the excess plastic around the 1×2 and then secure it to the other 1×2, or the wiggle wire is much better at holding the plastic down. also, where you nailed thru the plastic it might be better to first put down some duct tape to reduce the chance of ripping when its windy. i’m the daughter of a ghs grower.

  4. Yes. I found the 1×2 strips much cheaper and that they work great.

  5. I’ve heard that some people use wiggle wire and track to secure the plastic to the ground

  6. I liked the info you gave me, will use some of it at my place when I get moved in. Thanks Kelly

  7. Check out the links below the video for all materials I used and where to get them.

  8. Thank you. They have been tried in the past but are not recommended because they don’t last many seasons and can come off in heavy winds. But thank you for the recommendation.

  9. at lowes you can get zippers that install onto plastic. You can use two to make rolling flap. We use these when remodeling for dust control.

  10. Where did you get the plastic?

  11. I recently built a green house and I have a video showing it. Is was going to put out that even on cold day if the sun is shining the greenhouse gets hot fast. I have had temps exceeding 120 degrees.

  12. i love this

  13. Have you considered combining the mittleider method with the back to eden method? That is the Mittleider method with wood chip as covering.

  14. They all are looking great. The queens are laying eggs and the workers are making honey and storing pollen. Looks like another great year.

  15. If the weather is good enough for bees to be out the sides and ends will be up on the greenhouse. The bees will have full access to all the fast growing and happy plants.

  16. Great question. When it is sunny and warm you raise the sides and open the end so mold would not be problem.

  17. Pipe insulation might work well on the corners also.

  18. Another great video Mr. LDS Prepper! With the watering system, sun, and humidity, would there be a mold problem?

  19. indoorharvestgardens Reply March 31, 2013 at 4:05 am

    you can put compost up against it in the winter it will insulate and warm it. growing power does that. hopefully it stays as warm as your smaller coldframes, nice video ;) -

  20. That is looking great! I didn’t really see how much room between the beds you still had after putting that up. Will you have enough room to make all of your beds covered and still walk through? If we are planning a couple of these, should we allow more space between the beds to account for the greenhouse plastic?

    I wouldn’t mind an update on the rain barrels, solar panels and other projects you have going on. Just a minute on each if you could.

  21. Could you please review in spring….

  22. But, you are going to want your bees to be able to get in…right?

  23. I’m on the way to check them right now.

  24. Spectacular Dave !
    How are your beehives doing?