My 2008 Vegetable Container Garden – PART 3

2 week update.

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  1. Good idea on the carrots in a container as oppossed to the ground.

  2. Just checked out the Tomato Success Kit and it is cheaper than buying Earthboxes with the stake system. Thanks!! :)

  3. check out the Tomato Success Kit from gardeners supply . com Maybe you have already seen these but they are neat self watering containers that come with specific mix and fertilizer for growing larger tomato plants.

  4. thanks

  5. Yes, I’m growing everything in containers…except one tiny spot where my son planted peas. :) You can absolutely grow cucumbers in containers. I would just make sure you put the plant in a 5 lb. container or larger and you’ll need some type of support (trellis/tomato cage, etc.). Good luck!

  6. do you grow all your veggies in containers cause i want to grow cucumbers but i dont know if i can grow them in containers i dont have a lot of space i live in the middle of downtown LA and i live in an apartment i have a patio so i dont have a lot of space so i have to grow everything in pots and containers

  7. Thank you! I’m STILL hoping to get mine soon.

  8. looks good! can’t wait to start my earthboxes! keep us updated!

  9. They’re great for patio gardens, if you have bad soil or drainage issues, if you’re disabled and bend over for long periods of time…I could go on. Try googling “earthbox.” There are cheaper ways to make one yourself…but I’m not that handy. Hope all goes well with your seedlings!

  10. I’m new at this too…:) So keep in mind that I’m no expert…but I put several seeds per cell for the smaller seeds (tomato, peppers, etc) and once they got to about an inch I cut all but the strongest seedling per cell. The larger seeds (squash, zucchini, cucumber) I only put one seed per cell. Looking back, I should have started the larger ones in larger pots. They get big FAST and don’t like to be repotted. Hope that helps!

  11. What are earthboxes?

  12. When you start your little seedlings…like I will be doing this week, how many seeds do you plant at one time? Sorry, new at this….thanks for any help.

  13. I read somewhere that cucumbers don’t transplant well. I’m worried about my squash; hope they don’t die during the transplant.

  14. Thank you for your comment. I probably started a tad too early with the squash and cucumber. If you see in my last update (part 4)…I killed all the cucumber seedlings. :( But I did start some new ones. If any more squash/cucumber seedlings die, I’ll just wait a month and put seeds directly in container they’re going to grow in. I would LOVE to have a greenhouse…but not in the budget. Again, thanks for your kind comment.

  15. Doing Great, wish I had weather like you but in Northwest Indiana if I start to early my plants don’t transplant well. keep filming I enjoy gardening so much. Also check out Harbour Freight they sell greenhouses really cheap just bought a 10′x 12′ for $599.00 week ago. thanks to you and thanks to the produce gardener

  16. Thanks!

  17. its looking great!

  18. I know, I know…:) I stopped myself today from buying MORE tomato seeds. I planted extra in case some died…and I plan to give some plants to my sister and other family members. Whether they want them or not. :)

  19. My God, you have enough seedlings to open a garden center! Do you plan on selling veggies? Wait until you plant in your Earthboxes! I have 12 boxes! I get enough veggies to feed the whole neighborhood. Just make sure to follow the directions that come with the boxes…don’t over plant. I had 8 foot tall tomato plants!