My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom

John from shares how his home was recently searched by police because he is growing vegetables in his bathroom. In this epi…
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25 Responses to “My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom”

  1. NWA said it best. Fuck da police.

  2. 7:35 hes talkin about eating healthy yet he looks so sickly and pale

  3. Yea man I’m unfortunately a victim of the police I was like 16-17 at school
    got in trouble and they screwed me pretty bad just cuz I wasn’t a big civil
    rights knowing dude so they pretty much took advantage of me big time n got
    what they needed and every1 lied about what Halppened and how they got
    their info was illegal long story short they got dirt on me and I couldn’t
    do nothin about how they got the evidence after all that. Ended up getn
    expelled n Dropn out but what ever man ill never lose my mental freedom
    from physical chains

  4. Sorry about the experience. Thank you for sharing… it is very important
    for people to know that this kind of things happen / build ideas on before
    hand how to protect your self / rights. Keep up doing exellent work on
    educating the world (and me ;) )

  5. Why would you use grow lights that cost money to buy and use electricity
    to grow herbs when you have a back yard and can use the sun all day long
    for free ? 

  6. Matt Mortenson Reply May 3, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Who gives a flying fuck if your growing cannabis or anything else? These
    people are getting very controlling all over this once Free country.
    Fucking disgusting and sorry to here this.

  7. Neil Carpenter Reply May 3, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Welcome to the new USSA, are you starting to get it yet?

  8. hahaha lol

  9. Timothy McFarland Reply May 3, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    This is happening nation wide. Monsanto is lobbying to make your garden
    illegal. How do they sleep at night? Eventually we, like many subsistence
    farmers worldwide, will be forced to purchase terminator seeds. These
    seeds are entirely GMO and will not generate other plants. Sick stuff
    going on. This government hates liberty.

  10. thanks all for posting your comments, wow 22 replies, so obviously there is
    an issue with the state 

  11. Tell your neighbors that your vegetables are now out of the slammer, having
    gotten a slap on the stem, and must check in with their parole officer
    every two weeks until they are eaten. Maybe then they will get a clue and
    mind their own business.

  12. You were “raped” welcome to the police state.

  13. tell your roommate to not answer the door next time, there was no search
    warrant or they would’ve raided your house..

  14. 2JobsStillPoorUSA Reply May 3, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    I would tell your neighbor to mind their own GD business. lol Sheesh…
    people.. tend your own gardens… leave your neighbors alone.

  15. The cops can do what ever they want. You gonna stop them? Is your public
    defender going to defend you?

  16. Note taken. Now I think of it I went to inquire (Code enforcer) in my town
    about a erecting Green house, I said I needed a place to store my plants
    such as tropicals like Bananas, Pineapples . I hope they didnt think any
    other plants that are illegal. Im in a small town and you never know what
    they may thinking………

  17. TruthDecoderEvangelist Reply May 3, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    I’m glad I found this YouTuber. I’ve recently taken up gardening. Finally
    someone with a brain cell!

  18. thesupermom1975 Reply May 3, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    John, you need to educate your friend about her rights. Also, you gotta
    remember B.O. has been attacking our civil liberties as fast and hard as he

  19. Mackezzy Danios Reply May 3, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    We have the right to grow pot… In my state thank for all the help dud my
    family started all their gardens from your info..

  20. Good! I will Subscribe in your place, this man is awesome & he has done
    NOTHING wrong in this video!

  21. randomlettersqzkebkw Reply May 4, 2014 at 12:32 am

    After watching whats going on in the US… its quickly becoming too late

  22. Veg Nazis No Joke . . .as of Oct 25th 2010 Called “Food Safety Act” (Gotta
    Love that name) . . .like Obama-NO-Care It is illegal to grow your own food
    . .check the “Law” Catch a clue . .your right were violated COP= Criminals
    On Patrol Such bullshit . . .WelKome To Amerika Comrade

  23. @jesse james..”to be fair..they were magic…”

  24. Talking to police is escalation. If they don’t have a warrent then don’t
    open the door. Don’t answer questions. Don’t ID yourself. Police are
    trained to bait, intimidate, lie, insinuate and use every technique or
    trick to get an arrest.

  25. Remember these phrases: “I don’t consent to searches.” (4th amendment) “I
    decline to answer questions.” (5th amendment) “Am I being detained?”/”Am I
    free to go” (4th amendment) “I’d like to speak to a lawyer” (6th amendment)
    The police are going to do whatever they want to do anyway, but these magic
    words will help protect you from the unlawful activities of our police
    force. If they try to pin something on you later, you can potentially get
    the whole case thrown out if you said these things.