My New Greenhouse: Starting Tomato Seeds

Gardening! What could be more fun? :) I love getting out in the garden to plan my next thing, look at what is planted and best of all to harvest fresh food g…

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  1. The plastic starter trays are convenient when planting seeds. But how do
    you keep the soil around the roots when you put the plants in the ground?
    I’m experimenting by making seed pots from water soluble
    material–cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, etc so I can just set them in the
    garden without disturbing the roots. I wrap a cereal box around a soup can.
    Cut the box even to the height of the can. Then hold it together with
    masking tape or a rubber band. I snip one box end tabs into triangles
    several times so they will fold into each other when I wrap the box around
    the can, thereby making the bottom. Then I use masking tape to hold the
    bottom together. Cardboard shipping tubes may not need bottoms. I plan to
    make a square or rectangle frame of 1×2′s or 1×4″s to hold these pots. When
    the plants are ready, I can put each pot in the ground without disturbing
    the roots. Hopefully, the cardboard will dissolve into the soil. I’ve not
    done this yet. It may or may not work.

  2. Wow! I follow you on here as well as the Rusted Garden by Gary Pilarchik.
    Crazy! I love your channel and keep up the good work!

  3. Use promix bx Its very good for starting seeds and growing plants

  4. My greenhouse is up and open for business! This is my first official use of
    the greenhouse. Watch me make a mess of it! LOL

  5. I have a new greenhouse! This video shows me planting in it for the first
    time. I have never started tomatoes from seed before. I’m sure I didn’t do
    it “right”, but I’m giving it a shot. The tomato seeds were purchased from
    our very own +Gary Pilarchik (most of ‘em anyway)

  6. how hot does it get in the winter? 

  7. Watch me blunder my way through planting tomato seeds for the first time :)