My PVC pipe hydroponic garden explained

we will look at the pros and cons of the system.

5 Responses to “My PVC pipe hydroponic garden explained”

  1. What size of net pot are you using?

  2. Does the wind ever disturb the net pots? I’m just leery of doing this
    simply because I don’t want the wind to rip the net pots out. Great video.
    Very informative

  3. Hello Kevin, I am attempting to build a simular system to yours. I am
    building mine in a straight run of 45 ft. I am going to run mine as a
    continuous flow with 3/4″ overflow return line. Could you please tell me
    exactly what pump your using? I will be lifting the water about the same
    height as yours or possibly 1′ higher. I am using 4″ PVC supported by my
    wooden privacy fence with 15″ setback off fence. Any thoughts would be

  4. You have to tie the plants like I did but you need to 6″ pipe not 4″ the
    wind will not be a issue