Natural Insecticides for a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable Gardening

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12 Responses to “Natural Insecticides for a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable Gardening”

  1. This video was encouraging and helpful. I don’t want to use insecticides in
    my garden. Which insects would the garlic or cayenne be good to deter?

  2. Teca you are beautiful – thanx :*

  3. a quick note on the “All Organic Insecticides” In the tiny
    print…sometimes not even visible on the leaflets attached to the bottles,
    They state that they are not safe for honey bees. I checked the labels on
    every “Organic” bottle at walmart, tractor supply, and two of our local
    farm and garden shops here, and All of the brands kill honey bees. If we
    kill the honey bees out, then we will be killing ourselves along with
    them.So last yr I refused to treat the plants, result, more good,than bad.

  4. what if u put all those ingredient together

  5. That is really cool!

  6. I’ve been watching some of your videos, thank you for making them. Could
    you give more info in your videos please? Like “how much” cayene or garlic
    and how much water you put them in? More info for other of your video’s
    that would help, is waht type of potting soil you are using? there are so
    many kinds on the market? Thank you!

  7. She is pretty

  8. HONEY ! you do not need gloves to prep a recipe like this , or do it too
    when you cook ? Cayenne pepper is not so bad for you my dear !!

  9. Jonathan Douglas Ray Hall-Neal-Bayne Reply January 16, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    I have been looking for a video like this. Thanks!

  10. You are gorgeous! Oh, and thanks for the tips!

  11. wish she would show us some melons next