Natural Pest Control For Your Vegetable Garden BUGS, BUGS, BUGS. They’ve been eating a lot of my lettuce, kale & spinach lately. So I thought it was time to do some research on n…

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  1. I was wondering if this worked on your garden? Thx for the video!

  2. BTW… Vegetable oil and water don’t mix!!

  3. How did you go did it work?

  4. PestControl Sydney Reply June 4, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    This is a very useful information on natural pest treatment. Well done!

  5. Kill the bugs it’s okay!

  6. Would Vinegar and water work?

  7. how do you get rid of aphids?

  8. thanks!

  9. I love the Australian and New Zealand accent.

  10. I wonder if a few drops of liquid soap would help

  11. Cant beleive that you let your vege get so bad. i use Seasol & charlie carp
    that’s all, no bugs, no fruitfly. Not one, my plants are super healthy.

  12. Does this make the produce taste different ?

  13. LittleKingoftheWoods Reply June 4, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    I really love it when natural repellents can be made with stuff from my
    kitchen that I already have! Thanks for keeping it simple and healthy!!

  14. I really like the fact that you are one not to kill bugs. I, for one, feel
    the same about pests :)

  15. AntonioSmileyGarcia Reply June 4, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    2) They will slither into the container to drink the fluid, and it desolves
    their slimey layer, and also kills them from the inside, because the
    fermentation process goes on inside the slug. You end up with a container
    full of dead slugs but they disolve in the fluid, so no problem. Just keep
    adding a bit of beer.

  16. ok “the man”

  17. ladybugs , but remember aphids are caused by ants they raise them for their
    honey so you need to deal with ants I’m thinking the best solution is
    hydrogen perocide , sugar and water one gallon water 8 oz hydrogen peroxide
    and small amounts of sugar perhaps a few table spoons but stickiness is
    more how you decide not to sticky is best it is a fertilizer used for large
    sections of land but causes problems for crawlers of all kinds simply
    because of the stickiness and peroxide which is toxic tothem

  18. you re cute. its nice watching u talk about bio pesticides. :P

  19. Wow he loves shaking up is oils, over and over again for the show.

  20. Beaut! This is exactly what is happening to my basil and pak choy leaves.
    I’m a beginner on the veggie garden as well. Just wanted to know whether
    your pest control worked. I live in south east Sydney and asked a
    horticulturist in Bunnings what was causing the holes in my leaves. She
    said it was caterpillars, She recommended that I spray the leaves with
    Dipel, which I did, but I’m interested in your organic approach to the pest
    control…could you please let me know if it worked? Ta

  21. I don’t know about spraying oil into crops….. But your hot looking face
    and the cute accent keeps me watch the video till the end.

  22. This sounds like a good salad dressing….got to try it before I give it to
    a slug.

  23. did it work to repel the offenders?

  24. I know, right? He’s a cutie.

  25. Did it work?