New source for heirloom seeds – time to stock up – survival SHTF garden series

When gardening, it’s very important to make sure you are using organic and heirloom seeds. I’ve found a new source for those that I’m sharing with you: http:…

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  1. What do you think the future holds for seeds with Monsanto’s
    non-germinating seeds? Cross-pollination and breeding may render some
    heirlooms barren.

  2. GuardianYongBlood brito Reply December 17, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    are these companies legit becasue if so then the barrels will come in great

  3. I would love to garden, but I’m in an apartment with no access to private
    space for gardening. This probably sounds dumb, but can seeds be stored
    long term? If so, what is the best way to store them?

  4. @531sammie I’ve used Burpee in the past and have had some success with
    them. I find I gain a better yield when I use the smaller companies for
    some reason though. The smaller companies aren’t quite as big as ones like
    Burpee so they tend to give better care to their plants, etc.

  5. wow your beard grew since i seen you last scutter, lol.

  6. @RoflmaoAtSheepeople Thanks. :) I think I’ll buy a few here and there as I
    can. There really is no place to plant here, main road, businesses around
    our apt. complex, etc. But I’d like to start collecting some of the seeds
    before they’re all gone. :P

  7. Keep in mind it’s not just GMO, but also hybrid crops that will not produce
    reliable seeds.

  8. In the stores, it seems there are either organic seeds OR heirloom seeds. I
    wonder which ones would be better, especially if keeping them for years to
    come? I’m thinking the heirloom. Any ideas?

  9. @psycofloyd Try container gardening. Takes a lot less time in upkeep. See
    some of my vids from last year for some ideas on that. You don’t get quite
    as good of a harvest, but you do get food supplies from it. It’s an easy
    way to help suppliment your food supply and it doesn’t take near as much

  10. @scutter4christ Thanks for your reply! Now I’m wondering if a national
    brand, like Burpee, is okay or if it’s better to go with a private
    “company”. A big-box home store here sells Burpee with good discounts + I
    picked up some nice Heirloom seeds–some even $1 off the regular price–and
    yes, they’re fresh, new seeds.

  11. RoflmaoAtSheepeople Reply December 17, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Oh your in the UK sorry did not know that no wonder no room ! Can you try
    planters boxs. ask scutter4christ he mite know maybe hang them? take care

  12. Do the seeds expire? I would like to stock up but I live in an aparment so
    I can’t grow a large garden.

  13. I also have heirloom seeds and have 2 containers full of survival seeds.
    This year i will save a bunch to share with my neighbors when shtf besides
    some for myself. lil container-lil seed-lil dirt-lil fertilizer-lil water
    and a bunch of light= for good growth.

  14. Thanks for the info!

  15. We just dodged the bullet in Dec 2010 where the Major Seed companies tried
    to outlaw private and heirloom seed banks. The only reason that it is not a
    felony to trade seeds or sell your garden produce, is that the Bill started
    in the Senate. So keep an eye out for a repeat attempt of this attempt to
    enslave us all to the GMO seed sources and other sources that Control the
    Corporate production of food. If you are dependent of them, you are their
    slave for life.

  16. Thank you so much for the info. look forward to your gardening videos as
    well as food storage.

  17. another idea is a grow box-not earth box( way too expensive ), or a
    container to grow veggies inside ur house in the winter with a light or
    good sunlite near a window. I have 20 grow boxes which i hae bought the
    past few years and i have used them. A container is good too. anything to
    grow some veggies in adn grow upright. Im limited on room in my house with
    all the prepping but i still find a corner with a good lite source.


  19. Thank you for the knowledge and GOD BLESS!

  20. i just made a sizeable order …thanks alot ….

  21. RoflmaoAtSheepeople Reply December 18, 2014 at 2:20 am

    @Lisababy67 Yes Lisa you can also their must be a place up or down the
    street where you can plant !See and talk to folks around you they must
    thinking the same thing by now.Its no jock what is comeing do not Do not be
    left out FIND someone of like minds help out just have seeds,your own
    tools.Good tools they will need to last No cheap crap and you know from
    where. Buy seeds now There are pre-packed seeds sold now some will last 20
    years in their packs Also go to a grower Co. God bless Hurry

  22. Gardening is my one flaw for SHTF scenarios. I just cant commit to setting
    up a garden even though I know I should. Too much upkeep for my schedule.
    Not to mention here in Michigan we have some harsh winters which wont allow
    me to grow anything during that period. Perhaps simple stockpiling will
    work for me.

  23. Are all Heirloom seeds organic? Meaning, nobody has played around with
    them, except God? I only want seeds that God made. No GMO. No Hybrid. No
    man-made stuff. All Natural.

  24. @infomorgue thanks brother. I think I’m looking more like Moses every day. :o )

  25. @neacie71 That is actually very good advice and I do the same thing! I
    always try to keep several varieties of the veggies I plant. I also stagger
    crop them, meaning plant them in different areas so that way if blight or
    bugs attack one area, I still have other growing areas that are hopefully