No till gardening & seed saving update Jobs in the vegetable garden early spring

WEBSITE: In this video we will have a look at what can be done in the garden early spring.

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  1. Gardening With Puppies Reply December 19, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Your method is definitely paying off. Soil looks fantastic.

  2. The MORNING gardener's SHOW. Reply December 19, 2014 at 2:04 am


    Is the beginning of spring here, that I was out in my yard putting in some
    kale and college greens seeds. I am using the `back to Eden method my
    woodchips have been in place now for about a year and a half, this year
    however the woodchips are not broken all the way down. But the problem I’m
    having is when I go to use the rake to move the woodchips aside.

    There are so many worms in my garden that it is very hard to dig holes for
    the plants
    there are 3 main types of worms one is a red wigglers there in higher
    numbers than the nightcrawlers. there are few common garden worms. Is this
    normal is my question and also can this affect my garden in a negative way.
    I’m still using organic fertilizer in my garden for maybe about another two
    years, but the main problem I’m having is to many worms some of the
    nightcrawlers are big is your pinky.

  3. Superb garden bro !

  4. Awesome looking soil! 

  5. It is very honoring to learn friendly lessons through watching this video.
    Furthermore, the positive effects of this gardening approach are merely
    helpful not only to our own benefits but generally to our mother earth.

  6. How do you deal with gophers? It’s a real problem in my garden.

  7. Sheds Direct Manchester Reply December 19, 2014 at 4:00 am

    In my own perception, this garden are quite feasible. I just love the ideas
    of saving seeds and the “no till” growing process of your vegetables. There
    are lot of useful lessons I’ve learned on this video specifically on

  8. Back to Eden

  9. Any leeks that I’ve ever grown here always bolt and go to seen in late
    summer or autumn. Maybe I’ve been growing the wrong variety.

  10. I love this time of the year :) Everything is ready to go for it. Soon the
    leafs will be back out ;) Cheers for that. David.

  11. Ah cheers man, is nice to hear ;) Sure, I will always make videos on
    gardening and beekeeping. It is so much fun to combine all the things you
    like in one. David.

  12. lol..whaat?

  13. Thanks Mate ;)

  14. I sure have, the one straw revaluation. Amazing guy from Japan. The focus
    is on growing two crops, Wheat and Rice I believe. He grows them in
    succession, thereby eliminating any weeds that could come up. Plus it grows
    his topsoil and worms do all the digging to get at the mulch left behind.

  15. I never bag the clippings….my neighbors that do, bring them to me and i
    use them for mulch or put bettween the rows and till them in…clippings
    never seed themselves its not possible …lololol…people who think that
    grass clippings can start themselves…..just bad biology

  16. OK so the best place is the mill in Dunmanway. They also have the smaller
    ones too. David ;)

  17. I disagree on the grass clippings…we did that and made more weeds ..:(

  18. By the way I meant perennial carrot, not wild carrot for the Skirret.

  19. LOLOL…why is it that so many gardens on youtube that are made by tree
    huggers look like hell….people would take you more serious if you
    organized and made that abortion of a garden eye appealing.

  20. I probably have another year of amending the soil before I can go notill. I
    have lifeless ground rock so need to keep adding organics to make it good
    soil. I have the soil almost uncompacted enough to just amend on top.

  21. ANOTHER channel only for guys. As a girl, I can’t of course possibly be
    included. And unlike the video poster, I am NOT in America but England. poor

  22. Is there any way to help prevent the hybridization of your brassicas, aside
    from spacing them out further? I want to grow kale, cabbage, and swiss
    chard all in the same place. I’m not worried about the flavors combining,
    but like you said for seed saving it’s best to stay true to type.

  23. Ah OK, probably the cause alright. Try out some mulching. Works wonders for
    dry soil ;) D

  24. I’ve been using the no till method for years now, it is so much easier and
    I think better for the soil’s biology. Great vid as always!

  25. Hey how are you :) Yep you need to make sure to use lawn clippings without
    seeds in it. So a lawn you cut every other week would be fine. Mulching
    with hay can sometimes also cause weeds to grow if the field was cut at a
    time when the grass was longer and run to seed. Thanks for your input :)
    Best wishes David.