Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Made Easy

I share with you what I feel has to be the easiest, least expensive, most productive, expandable bucket gardening system. By following this system you can st…

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  1. I don’t see why you would connect these together since the one you put the
    water in is going to get most of the water….how hard is it to water all the

  2. You worry about the soil being organic and then you use paint on the inside
    of the bucket?

  3. Wow….so many complaints. I thought it was a nice idea. Those of you who
    are rude about this video should just turn it off or don’t try it. He did
    not hold a gun to your head or tell you that this is the only way to
    garden…. maybe YOU should make a video if you’re so smart. Or maybe try
    being a little more mature about your comments.

  4. Nope. That’s the last “ignore this video, click here for a better video I
    made…” I just will not watch your channel anymore giving you ad clicks
    for videos you no longer endorse. Take videos DOWN if you have better
    videos. It’s as bad as that idiot Kahn Academy making update videos while
    leaving his error videos up. Bye.

  5. Brother Thank you for this channel, have you tried using cloth wicks? Why
    do you think the black pot system wick is better?
    Thank you.

  6. that lettle cup look like a strawberry container

  7. How water goes to the top for the plan?

  8. If you connect more than one bucket they will all need to be at the same
    otherwise it won’t water any that are higher than the first or flood any
    that are lower. 

  9. Why buy a net cup? You could make one out of a sour cream container. Just
    drill holes in the sides of it and bottom and plug it into the bottom of
    your bucket. It might be too long but as long as it sits on the bottom of
    your other bucket it should be fine.

  10. I had dripping from between my grommets and my hoses last year, which I’ve
    heard other folks complain about. So I just did two wraps of vinyl tape
    (electrical tape) around the end of the hose before sticking it into the
    grommet, to make for a tighter fit. Problem solved. Now I do this on all
    my buckets, whenever I insert the hose and I never have drips. I’m doing
    20 auto-watering buckets this year, just like LDSPrepper describes in this

  11. How do you know how high to put your float?

  12. Have you ever tried using a hydroponic solution with this system. So for
    example instead of having a hose hooked up, maybe use a barrel and fill it
    with the hydroponic solution?

  13. I tested this design last season, and found the grommets did not work well
    for me at all. Too leaky. So I tried some other ways of CHEAPLY creating
    nice sealed ports in the bottom bucket, and found the following parts work
    perfectly, and you can just plug a standard garden hose into them:
    - Orbit 37217D riser extention (about $0.30 in some places)
    - Danco 73113B faucet shank lock nut (about $0.60 in some places)
    - 2 #15 o-rings (about $0.30 in some places)
    I also developed some other improvements – I’ll be posting a video sometime
    next month.

  14. Stop yelling at me!

  15. I hope this comment doesn’t come off rude. What you have created there is a
    breeding ground for mold and pests, the bad kind.

    Here is why,
    Molds and pests like stagnate water, filtered sunlight and nice little
    holes to climb into a damp somewhat dark environment.

    How to fix it:
    use black hearty plastic containers if you must or bury them in the ground.

    If out doors hang a resevoir bucket (black) from a tree or use a black
    trashcan. (keep in shade)

    Get a solar cell or two to power an aquarium air pump. oxygenate your
    resevoir. the same solar cell can power a water pump and timer if you want
    to do a recirculating system. Totally self sufficient.

    Use drip line and dripper nozzles.

    Good luck, stop prepping and start living. The end is here.


  16. I wanted to thank you for your videos. You gave me the info I needed to
    get my own container garden set up. Finished it this weekend and it’s off
    and running.

  17. Carrie Schoepflin Pate Reply September 11, 2014 at 5:42 am

    Fantastic Video! I cannot find the link for the net cups, and I could not
    get a clear resolution off the video. Could you help me out? Thanks :) 

  18. What kind of saw would you use if you were cutting the bottom (watering)
    bucket down to have a bucket with holes/plants in the sides sitting in it?

  19. You are prepping looking this ( off grid. watering contains guarding system
    made easy)

  20. Hi
    thanks for this video. What do I need to connect it to a 5gallon bucket.

  21. The best method I found was to bring a chunk of the tubing with me to the
    hardware store and test for proper fit. I ended up with a different set up
    than the links suggested. Either way, it is definately water tight. Try
    using PEX tubing with the grommets you ordered. I can’t believe how
    difficult and expensive it was finding the grommets.

  22. I love the bucket gardening idea, however when I put the hose between the
    buckets through the grommets, they all leak … a slow (sometimes fast)
    drip drip drip … I don’t see where you had any problems with this, but
    with three buckets that were drilled like you said … they all are leaking
    … I’m planning on using silicon to seal the grommets … what do you
    think I should do?

  23. I made my system yesterday. only started with 3 buckets for now, but will
    do more as soon as i get some dirt. growing cantalope, habeneros, and some
    sweet peppers also, will probably add some carrots next and my pickiling
    cucumbers. I live in Tucson Az where it gets so hot. i was always watering
    my plants like twice a day do to the heat and i was lucky to come across
    your video. this will make a huge diffeence and keep my plants from dying.
    thanks for all the help.

  24. 1. with your experience would you recommend the below the bucket watering
    system or drip lines on top hooked to a faucet timer which would allow
    fertilizer to penetrate downward. 2. does the off grid bucket system work
    well for tomatoes- which some say produce better when occasionally water
    stressed rather than continuous watering. Like your ideas & plan to use on
    my porch.

  25. Thank you for your effort in teaching the rest of us. Excellent teacher!!!!