Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: The Ultimate Container

Now that you have the basics of this system by watching the first two videos I share with you my “ultimate container”. I don’t know of a better container to produce more food in less space than this ultimate container. Due to many reasons including the variations of plants, the density of planting and the ability to stack these containers make them the ultimate container for container gardening. Imagine being able to grow forty plants in a one foot area!

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  1. don’t you need a wick going through the whole length of the container?

  2. That’s a dang good idea, I want to try that. :)

  3. This video is part of a series that outlines all the details. Please view the entire series to get your questions answered.

  4. can you explain what the float bucket is for and what exactly it is? and also can you clarify the tubing heights for each bucket, inputs and outputs? do you have a write-up tutorial?

    thanks in advance, these videos are great. i plan to do this myself.

  5. what is the purpose of the float bucket, and what does it do? do you have a website with a written tutorial with the details on tubing hole heights? thanks in advance, great videos. i’m planning to do this soon.

  6. The roots don’t have to reach to the bottom. When the roots remove the water from the potting mix around them that causes a wicking affect that draws water up from the bottom to that area and rehydrates it.

  7. this has probably been asked before, but how do the roots from the top of the plant reach down to the bottom of the tub where the wick is?

    what happens when the plants don’t have deep roots?

  8. There are several updated videos in this series. Enjoy.

  9. Could you put an updated video of the growth progress

  10. Good ideas there.

  11. It depends on how many plants you have and how big they are. At first the 5 gallon water bucket held water for 3 weeks. When the plants got bigger they used up 5 gallons a day.

  12. how long does the watering bucket supply water?

  13. lol..”i dont know about 3 high but you can certainly stack them two high”

  14. Awesome!!

  15. I’d love to. May be some day.

  16. build an aquaponics system, then you get fresh fish to eat too.

  17. Ingenuity is everywhere and not restricted to LDS, they’re actually new to the game historically.

  18. Dozen yrs ago on the big island Hawai’i, I used 3 gal rubbermaid containers, cut 4 slits in each top, topped w/cheap grow-bags…2″ polyester blanket strips/wicks measured to reach from the bottom of the container through the lid slits-grow-bag bottom to top of grow-bag, looped down to return to the bottom, then held resulting 2 loops up while filling grow-bag with dirt. Plants attached roots to the strips and pumped water up. Ea. container filled 1 x mo for 3 months. Not 1 plant stressed.

  19. AWESOME stuff here,….nothin’ like good ol’ LDS Ingenuity from the Beehive state of UTAH,…Thumbs up man!! =)

  20. TheNotTypicalDotCom Reply September 29, 2012 at 9:09 am

    This would make a great gift for a senior or low income family.

  21. I dont get what you are saying

  22. thanks+how long can it be(how far can it carry the water)i tried a 1m towel+it didnt work

  23. I have found that T-shirts don’t wick as well as socks. But you can give it a try.

  24. is d tshirt enuff to water the soil ..till up???

  25. Great recommendation. How do you feel about giving that a try?