Ordering garden seeds for the 2014 Garden – January 2014

Ordering mostly heirloom seeds this year. A new supplier http://www.seedsandthings.com has quite a selection to choose from. Visit the Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana at http://www.t…
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25 Responses to “Ordering garden seeds for the 2014 Garden – January 2014”

  1. I just got my seeds from Willhite. Will start them in the next week or so.

  2. i ordered all my seeds as well donald. I am looking forward to a terrific
    year. can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. Diane Mumm Garden Videos Reply February 23, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    amish paste are a nice size paste .. my MIL has grown them, and the
    cherokee purple I have grown, loved the flavor, superb.. have a great
    season this year ..:)

  4. It’s lovely to look back at what you planted last year, and when it’s
    really cold outside, I love looking through seed brochures to see what to
    grow the next season. Makes me feel all warm inside. Have a great year.

  5. Amish Paste did real good for me last year….Sure looks good looking back
    at the photos of your past garden….I am ready to get some dirt under my
    nails and seeds in the ground…Thanks Donald….Tim

  6. We grow much of the same things Donald. Please let me know how well those
    paste tomatoes do. I was told that they are very susceptible to blight and
    other disease. I have bought paste and sauce from an Amish store near here
    and they use those tomatoes almost exclusively.

  7. Looking forward to those great garden videos this year! Hope you are doing
    much better, Buddy! God Bless

  8. That gets me excited to be going back outside, unfortunately there is about
    two feet of snow yet. Maybe this will be the year I learn patience, Lord
    willing :-) 

  9. Excellent video! One thing to add though, tomatoes don’t generally
    cross-pollinate very much at all. They usually pollinate themselves since
    the flower has male and female organs inside the same flower. If you grow
    two separate types of tomatoes in different rows not more than 10 feet
    close together then you’re pretty much good 90% of the time.

  10. Tomatoes almost never cross, especially if they are 25-50 feet apart.

  11. Got all my seeds in today from 3 sources and I’m stoked. Dont fear open
    pollinated. Just create great soil and you can relax.

  12. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery Reply February 24, 2014 at 4:10 am

    Hi Mr Donald thats just what I am fixing to do is order my tomatoe seeds.I
    am trying Money make its an organic heirloom and Brandywine heirloom also
    and Celebirity whitch is a hybrid and is good and avoiding disease and wilt
    and all that bad stuff i hope anyway !!Really looking forward to
    celebirity.Thanks paul !!!

  13. Glad your doing well this Happy New Year, I’ve said for years I’m gonna
    start a garden. 2014 will be it. Thanks for the videos. Chris

  14. If you’re dabbling in heirlooms, you might catch the bug! The flavors are
    diverse and well worth some of the production and other issues IMO. CP is
    a good one. If you “take it up a notch” with future heirlooms, let me know
    and I’ll give you some suggestions I’ve grown and liked like Dester Amish,
    Mortgage Lifter, Chocolate Stripes, and Amana Orange. There are many, many
    more. Probably even throw some seed your way after this season. Looking
    forward to your gardening year bud.

  15. great vid try sustainable seeds

  16. I was lucky. I was given compost, a whole bunch of seed and 2 big
    canisters and my husband gave me miracle grow fertilizer. I have started
    Experimenting with hydroponics

  17. Great video and simple chart. I made a copy for planning this year.

  18. Mr Donald, thank you sir for another great video.
    This came at a good time too, helps us dream for spring.
    Thank God you are some better.
    I hope you and your family have a great year.

  19. How are you… Looking for good things from you in 2014.

  20. Great to hear from you again, cant wait for the warm weather to get here
    !!! Happy New Year. 

  21. I ordered some new varieties from seedsnow.com, I went overboard and got
    several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, now I’ve also got to decide
    which ones to plant so I can save the seeds. I’ve read you need 1/2 mile
    distance between tomato varieties.

  22. So I hear you saying that my plans to plant more than one heirloom variety
    at a time will affect the heirloom quality of the seeds I capture due to

  23. Donald. It was like to were picking out bottles of fine wine. A connoisseur
    I would say. With that thought in mind. Excellent choice my friend!

  24. I like the Amish Paste tomato. It is about a week or 10 days later than
    Better Boy in my Texas garden. The AP is pretty darn good tasting right
    off the vine unlike Roma tomatoes.

    Good luck in the 2014 garden.

  25. Just leave 200 feet of spacing between the tomato varieties and you will
    not get cross pollination.