Organic and Heirloom Seeds #41 The first step in growing your own food is getting the right seeds and learning how to store them. Here is a couple of links wer…
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  1. lov da shirt….so cool:)

  2. thanks for the share..great ideas!

  3. awesome tshirt……!!! you ‘re looking good

  4. Hello Santiago, Excellent show very informative I’ve learned alot from you
    ! Just letting you know that I am so grateful for the teachings & I’ll
    definatly be back ! Thanks ! Peace Always ! Chaz

  5. you are so hardcore… LOVE it. thanks for the seed link. I paid so much
    for organics this year, but I’m definitely sharing with family and storing

  6. how do I grow a garden in an apartment with no balcony and two 2yo??? I
    really want to grow some of my own food, it just seems impossible :(

  7. That shirt is awesome!

  8. oh wow this is such a neat vid!

  9. Great info great video. Thank you so much for posting content like this. I
    was smacking my forehead the whole time! “Duh, why didn’t I think of
    that!?” Getting your seeds from organic veg is very smart especially if you
    are buying them from your farmers market. You know they will grow in your
    climate. Love the shirt as well!

  10. Do u use unpasteurized seeds and nuts?

  11. what came before heirloom vegetables then if they were 1800s?

  12. Dude! this is great information! I am Loving You So Much!

  13. Does anyone bought the seeds from w w w myheirloomseeds dot com ? Want to
    buy it but before I do I want a revieuw thanks in advance

  14. LOVE IT! Very helpful info on gardening, I’m thinking about incorprerating
    more raw foods in my diet. I’m also thinking about buying a dehydrator,
    especially because I want to do that cauliflower popcorn:) Do you use the
    same deydrators you have on your amazon store or did you invest in one of
    those excaliburs

  15. cool shirt ;)

  16. vid

  17. this is helpful thanks :o )

  18. awesome bro! It’s cool that you’re covering all the steps of growing food.

  19. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

  20. whoa i think this is the first time i’ve heard your name. good video

  21. Good to see you addressing how to grow your on foods. You’ve got a serious
    seed bank !

  22. Dude your awsome.

  23. Looking sharp my man, very nice!

  24. @xioulynne Yes, I do have some of the ones on the astore, but Im thinking
    of getting the excalbur also.