Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto

Nearly 300000 organic farmers are filing suit against corporate agriculture giant Monsanto, who have in recent years squashed independent organic farms from coast to coast. 270000 organic farmers filed a lawsuit in March 30 in an attempt to keep a portion of the world’s food supply organic. The plaintiffs in the case are members of around 60 family farms, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations. Led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the suit lashes out at Monsanto to keep their engineered Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola seed out of their farms. Organic agriculturalists say that corn, cotton, sugar beets and other crops of theirs have been contaminated by Monsanto’s seed, and even though the contamination has been largely natural and unintended, Monsanto has been suing hundreds of farmers for infringing on their patent for incidentally using their product. Not only are organic farmers trying to keep things — well, organic — but now many of them are being forced to throw in the towel as Monsanto unfortunately continues a successful war on the competition by suing indie growers that run organic farms. In recent years, Monsanto has acquired more than 20 of the biggest seed producers and sellers in the country, and The Street reports that they have instituted a policy whereas their customers are forced to use their bionengineered seeds — and purchase them each and every year — lest they want to be blacklisted forever. The
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  1. They should join together and countersue. Unless or until a time comes when violence is the only remaining option (i.e. the majority is enraged as opposed to just annoyed) then napalming them would prove counterproductive. Violent revolutions only work when all other options have been exhausted; otherwise you are painted as a terrorist. Not saying it won’t be fun though, just ineffectual.

  2. Fear-mongering is the staple food of ignorant people. Research the truth. Labels are useless when 100% of the food supply has already been contaminated for decades. This is another plot to tax people through deception. Another “paper or plastic” scam. When both paper and plastics bags were offered, both were free. Now that plastic bags are banned, you must pay for paper. What a crock-pot full of it. Organic is the biggest Urban Myth ever!!! VOTE NO on 37!!

  3. Stop DoC and the so called Animal Health Board (AHB) from spreading 1080 poison over our forests, streams and waterways.
    See the results at:­A (Deer mass poisoned)
    and­w (New Zealand Rivers – The Fight to Keep Them Poison-Free)

  4. The court ruled that this lawsuit was a total farce. Complete BS. Quite trying to be a victim. And yes, you are being an alarmist.

  5. If you have a minute, check out my short vid on Monsanto & Urban Agriculture…I’d appreciate it bunches!
    ~~Thumbs up for activists nationwide and non-spamy posts! :)

  6. Oh Beautiful for spacious skies of ……
    Amber waves of genetically modified, chemically laden grain. Vote with your pocketbooks and stop buying and eating sh*t.

  7. If there’s no more organic food there is surely going to be a revolt. Mr. government you don’t tell the people what to do they tell you what to do.

  8. 2. Why the organic Terra-Preta farming of South America was able to feed and sustain 100 to 200 million people while using as very small amount of land and create a vast civilization before they were wiped out by the Old World’s diseases brought in by the Spanish conquistadors?

  9. Ask this mainstream mass media who is trying to destroy organic farming this two questions.

    1. Why the ancient organic hydroponic farming called Chinampas invented by the Incas was able to produce vast amounts of food surpluses that allowed their farmers to be able to sustain a vast non-agricultural population and a vast army that enabled them to conquer and control 20 million people while using a small area of the Lake of Mexico at it’s height?

  10. The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford.
    There is a great mainstream mass media attempt to destroy organic farming by spreading false information. Just click on the website below.
    The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford

  11. With 90 percent of our crops in the southern states fried by the drought, it’s time for reform! Wake up brothers and sisters! This is the perfect time to take our land and our foods back!

  12. so basically Monsanto paid their way out of it again.

  13. MrSweetlandofliberty Reply October 29, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Unfortunately, it appears that this class-action law suit was dismissed. :(

  14. MrSweetlandofliberty Reply October 29, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    In Monday’s ruling, the judge said the farmers consortium, the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, had no standing to bring such a suit, had not been harmed by the company, and had engaged in “a transparent effort to create a controversy where none exists.”

  15. It wasn’t a term in the recent past.

  16. This is how they are getting around to controlling our food…they own the patent(GMO) and spreads to other crops, now they own the rights to that crop that has been contaminated with GMO. They want to control all of our God given human rights….these snakes in the grass have to be stopped! Thanks for the video. Thumbs up!

  17. Not just organic, But diversity, 7000 varieties of apples dwindled to 7, (10000 corn varieties to just a few) and crop rotation and land rest! good fertile soil is impacted to hard solid rock from over use and deserts irrigated too soon on the geologic time scale and destroying deserts, and forest from De-forestation. cows pumped up with steroids and antibiotics to fatten the beef – prematurely

  18. codex alimentarius! or how Monsanto controls the United Nations!

  19. Monsanto has destroyed food forever. It’s sad that “organic” even has to be a term. The “We didn’t know, sorry!” excuse is getting old and after poisoning Vietnamese people and US soldiers with your lovely harmless Agent Orange I’m sure I’ll buy your non-toxic food right? Anyone reasonable would!

  20. These organic farmers being sued by Monsanto should all ban together and napalm Monsanto’s crops using their crop dusters.

  21. mamaschristmasbunny Reply October 30, 2012 at 12:24 am

    Linda, you are such a cutie. There is zero women like you- where I live, so forgive me for my boldness. Where are the other women who like talking about this stuff? Why are not there more guys who like talking about this stuff. Linda, you make a depressing subject interesting, really.
    Hope you had a decent Easter weekend. I am just now again getting into this stuff you are talking about. My attentions have waned into other areas lately. Food supply is very important.
    Great! Job!.

  22. thanks for informing us of whats going on

  23. Frankinfood is destroying us. They want us dependent on food that messes with our reproductive organs,so eventually the “sheeple” will not be able to have children become extinct, and all that will be left, is the ruling elites and their seed vaults.