Organic Garden Tour for July 7, 2013 So Much Rain! Olla Update, Insects, and More

Will it ever stop raining? It has been raining constantly, day and nigh,t for about the past week. I ran outside real quick to walk through the garden becaus…
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  1. Suzanne Ramoundos Reply July 25, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Wow, your garden looked beautiful. Can’t believe how much you grow by
    July 7. We were still coming out of winter here on the mtns of w. md.
    Very cold and wet spring so we had a bad year. Thanks for the link.
    Looks like we both order from Bakers C. I have ordered the same tomato
    seeds for next year. Question, did your tomatoes come out true or did
    they cross? Really can’t wait to try the ollas. 

  2. I love your garden updates. Yes, the burgundy beans turn green when cooked.
    I am growing some too – along with several other varieties. I am in SW
    Ohio. I am not sure when you started yours, and I do not remember my start
    date, but mine are just now blooming. I have grown them in the past. I like
    them mixed with the other bean harvests. I lightly sauté all of them
    together in olive oil and add salt and pepper. I love that the purple color
    makes it very easy to harvest since they are easily seen.

  3. Lovely garden and I got excited too when I thought there was a pumpkin!
    Next time I am sure you will have some. Its a rainy mess here too.

  4. I see a few empty squares in your son’s garden. Kentucky wonder bush beans
    are the answer :) .

  5. Donna, your garden looks great. You have so much maturing quickly.

  6. Burgundy beans that turn green when cooked? Interesting! It all looks great
    especially considering that it sounds like you’ve gotten too much rain like
    we have here in Ohio.

  7. Thanks for sharing

  8. It has finally stopped raining here (Atlantic Canada) and it’s been
    averaging about 100 degrees, so it’s been one extreme to the next. My poor
    plants are doing okay but not what I would want for this time in our short
    growing season. I’d love to have your weather in comparison, lol. I’ve been
    watching since your square foot gardening series in Florida. You were my
    inspiration to start growing my own garden and I couldn’t be more grateful.
    You make everything seem so doable! Love your videos.

  9. I was on vacation and we had a ton of rain. It was the same back at the
    house plus heat. You have some very interesting varieties of tomatoes. Hope
    it dries out for us gardeners.

  10. Cold and wet, then hot and wet :( About three months of rain… Onions,
    parsnips, carrots, all bolted. Can’t get over the bug numbers… turned the
    ducks loose on the garden and they did clean up but gosh. Do about as much
    damage. In years of drought you worry.In years of heavy rain you starve

  11. burgundy beans!! awesome

  12. I am growing royal burgandy beans too! Not the best tasting bean but they
    are fun to cook. Your plants appear to have loved all of the rain that you
    have been getting Donna. I found a few hornworms today. better keep an eye
    out for them. They were in the greenhouse. Chuck

  13. Everything looks great! Lot’s of yummy tomatoes and cucumbers you got! Have
    a great vacation! :)

  14. Midwest Gradening Reply July 25, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    I have my coffee….

  15. shadowofjuniperhill . Reply July 25, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Your garden looks very nice! The plants seem to be tolerating the rain
    well. Too bad the beetles won’t drown in the rain, they were having a good
    ole’ time on your bean leaf. Have a fun vacation!

  16. Midwest Gradening Reply July 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    u might of made a video but what’s up with the one gallon jugs in the