Organic Gardening Tips From The Amazon Jungle Part 1 – Mineralization

Welcome to the first of three steps on how we can learn from nature when it comes to improving organic garden health, especially soil health: http://www.smil…

6 Responses to “Organic Gardening Tips From The Amazon Jungle Part 1 – Mineralization”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing some good stuff Craig. Wood chips definitely bring benefits – they can cause some major issues in the short term for people with low soil organic matter/nitrogen, but in the long term they will break down nicely and improve organic matter.

  2. Im sure you already know all about this, but I have learned alot from tou but,I have learned more on my knees and humbling myself more than anything

  3. also I do use compost tea with rock dust sprayed on every thing

  4. You should watch Back to Eden project, I have been dumping nothing but wood chips on my garden and I know you would believe it but my soil is surprisingly balanced
    The mycelium have moved in and the micro web is doing its job, all my plants are taken care of. The mycelium give my plants ever thing they need backtoedenfilm com…Don’t get me wrong, I thing you are 99% correct but mycelium had broken down the wood chips & it’s nothing but black gold down under.

  5. Looks beautiful, except for the mosquitoes… I’ll get there one day.

  6. really cool!