Organic Pest Control for Vegetable Gardens

I share my first rule of successful gardening and the only pest control products I use in my garden and why I chose them. RESOURCES: – Food Grade Diatomaceou…

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  1. what are your thoughts on tobacco? i hear that was a stand by for old time homesteaders

  2. No you can not use Diomatacious Earth from pool stores. It is not the same thing as “Food Grade”. If you use it from the pool supply store it is a poison and will kill you and your pets if ingested! Please be sure to ONLY buy Food Grade only. I just wanted to warn you there is a huge difference between the two kinds. Thank you!

  3. Please remember to ONLY use “FOOD GRADE Diatomaeious Earth” or else you will kill everything and poison yourself and pets. Do not use the DE from pool suplies because those are not for ingesting in humans or animals…. It is a poison. Use FOOD GRADE ONLY!!! David I know you mention in your video about using food grade, but one of the comments below suggested getting it cheaper from a pool supply. You might want to make sure they know EXACTLY which one to buy. Thank you! You are great!

  4. I use this all the time too

  5. Quick question regarding the diatomaeious earth and bees. If I were to put this on my squash leaves and stems, avoiding the flowers would that harm the polinators? I have not really watched to know if they land directly on the flower or if they walk all through the plants.

  6. Thanks so much. Great advice! I am new at organic gardening. :)

  7. GrannyBird Birdsong Reply June 24, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    It’s always best to start with beneficial insects, but when the pest is overrunning everything like happens some years, those beneficials do need a little help.These “chemicals” that LDSPrepper has shown here are also used and advised by John Dromgoole who, if you aren’t familiar with him, is The Natural Gardener.

  8. I found BT, DE, Neem, Spinosad at Lowes. They seemed to be the best price around. I shopped around various feed stores and garden centers and their products seem $5-10 more.

    Lowes carries Greenlight and GardenSafe products.

  9. I use DE as well and simply poke small holes in the bottom of a flexible plastic container that allows me to “BLOW” the powder onto the collards by squezzing.

    I’ve had a hard time with spider mites and the only thing that would work is DAILY misting with COLD water in the AM.
    They like DRY / HEATH and will split the scene otherwise!

    Actually kept pure water sprayer in fridge/freezer; also released a $7 bag of lady bugs they seem to have stuck around!

  10. maestro msd Forbes Reply June 24, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    wow, thanks.

  11. I lost all of my carrots last year due to root fly maggots. Would the Diatomaceous Earth work as a preventative for that? I was thinking that if I sprinkle some around the base of the leaves when they start to sprout then any eggs that get laid would be killed as soon as they develop. Or would they just sink below the grown and miss the DE completely? Thanks in advance.

  12. Efrain Cartagena Reply June 24, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    what a great information video, wow. this really helped a bunch. great detailed information is the best. thanks LDSPrepper

  13. Bad … no chemicals need :( spiecally if it going to hurt the bees … no need for any pesticides when gardening organic … try adding sum different plants to draw the pest to .. Stop using chemicals.

  14. What about ants?

  15. I love that. I hadn’t heard that. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water and apply it using a pump sprayer. You can use a few drops of dish soap on really waxy leaves to help the Neem oil stick. Test it and see if you need to do that.

  17. Yes, the food grade diatomaceous earth will kill them. Sprinkle it on the plant leaves and stems (not the blossoms) and on the ground. You can also mix it with water (as much or as little water as you want) and spray it on the underside of the leaves. Best of luck getting rid of those stink bugs. This should do it.

  18. Thx for the tips Diatomaceous Earth helped control our aphid problems. Usually we fight with those things all spring.

  19. Will either of those work for stink bugs? I started have problems with them in 2011. They ruin my tomatoes.

  20. How do you mix the neem oil, I tried it with a few drops of dish soap last year. I bought some lecithin for cosmetic use, but could I use it instead of soap?

  21. You probably already know this but if you need to dust your veggies you can use clean panty hose…it gives a light dusting very evenly and there is less waste. : ) Thanks for posting this…great tips.

  22. Wayne Chandler Jr Reply June 25, 2013 at 1:10 am

    Lol…it “was” there yesterday till the bugs ate it. Enjoy watching the progress.

  23. Thanks! Didn’t know about neem oil.

  24. great info! My wife & I are starting our first garden together this year. We’re using ONLY organic/heirloom seeds so later we can harvest the seeds and keep everything 100% natural. We’ve got our ground tilled up and will be starting our onion sets and spinach in a few more weeks(we live in North Carolina, so winter’s not bad at all).