Organic Vegetable Garden Trellis

This easy to build organic vegetable garden trellis system from bamboo poles and twine from award winning garden author Doug Green. This organic gardener lashes three poles together to form a tripod and then strings a section of bamboo fencing up the tripod. Beans or any other vegetable can be planted around the fencing unit or trained up the poles of this simple garden trellis. Doug grows his beans up the trellis and tomatoes up the poles. Using bamboo like this is making use of a renewable resource for gardening with no pollution involved. The tripods are taken down in the winter and stored out of the weather; in this way, Doug gets 5-10 years from each pole before it starts to weather and split. When the 8-foot poles split, they can be sawn into shorter stakes and used throughout the garden where strength isn’t an issue. In this way, this garden trellis system provides support for many years from each bamboo pole. Doug answers questions and published a free gardening newsletter at
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  2. Hello where can I buy that bamboo fencing ?

  3. TheZifoidprocess Reply June 21, 2012 at 6:21 am

    I really enjoyed your trellis idea in your garden. Do you have any good suggestions for week control?