Organic Veggie Garden. Ripe Tomatos and Peppers

Tomatos are huge, peppers are prolific and carrots are retarded. Take a quick look at how well everything grew this year. :)
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  1. Iv been watching your vid’s for some time now… never noticed you have
    dimples… I am now utterly jealous of you! Green thumbs AND cute
    dimples…. SO. NOT. FAIR.

  2. Compost tea is an amazing thing. I’ll be doing a compost tea video soon.
    It’s a one step process that’s waaaaay simpler than any other and very
    effective. You’ll need a container and compost and water. That’s literally
    it. The amount of tea depends on your garden size. You can make your own
    compost or buy it. But the video will come out in May. That’s around the
    time that most people start making it.

  3. Ray, nice video! I bet you can grow longer season corn too. I have heard
    corn does not germinate well in cool soil but grows fine in cool soil. So,
    if you give them a little protection initially with the hoops and plastic
    over your raised beds you were discussing at the end of the video, I bet it
    would work out fine! Up to your butt in snow, eh! :) Here in Georgia we get
    1-2 inches of snow every other year. Atlanta practically shuts down with an
    inch of snow!! :) Mark

  4. you should brew your own compost tea

  5. Hey Ray, Another great video. The experts say those frozen peppers will
    last 6 months in the freezer. I’ve kept em a little longer without any
    problems……. Donald

  6. OMG that is so many tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Excellent video… can any of these things be grown indoors?

  8. Thanks for the comment. I’m going to have frozen peppers until next spring.
    I think they’ll be ok. I have them in ziplock freezer bags with all the air
    squeezed out and at massively low freezer temps. I’m anxious to see what
    the cubanelle peppers taste like though. :)

  9. @MRSPOOKTASTIC94 If you have enough compost for your garden, then you’re
    most of the way there. Compost is the single best garden tip I have. It
    does so much for plants and the soil. The one thing I could say is to don’t
    let the failures get to you. Learn from them and get back to having fun and
    enjoying the successes. :)

  10. i’m starting my own vegetable garden this year (2011) i have already been
    composting since i was 14, i’m now 16 and i still compost, i got enough
    compost to do my garden and then some. Any advice for me cause i’m a
    begginer in term of vegetable gardening thanks!

  11. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from your garden series! Now I know
    why I’ve had such “little success” in the past. Very soon I’ll be adding
    compost tea to stimulate the growth of my new garden (pole beans, peas,
    cucumbers & tomatoes). Think I’ll start a couple banana pepper plants and
    maybe cantalope in some extra space I have. Tomorrow I’ll put in loads of
    sunflower seeds. Thanks for all the excellent instruction!

  12. I never had a need to do that, but I guess it would work great to mulch
    with straw in order to keep your tomatoes from being in contact with the
    ground. I’m wondering what is in your dirt that makes a ripening tomato
    start to rot when it comes in contact with it. That’s not normal. hmmm.

  13. Do you ever have problems with your floppy tomatoes getting rotted on the
    bottoms like pumpkins? You know how sometimes you have to put a board under
    pumpkins so their bottoms don’t rot in contact with the ground… Or maybe
    a simple solution would be to just mulch around with a bunch of straw or
    something so the tomatoes are sitting directly on the ground. What do you

  14. Naw it’s never too late. Think of it as a very early tip. Sounds way
    better. Oh and it’s a very good tip too. It makes perfect sense. Thanks! :)

  15. Know I am posting a comment REALLY late, but for a reminder of next year.
    When growing zucchini or any low growing vegetable (zucchini, pumpkin,
    eggplant, squash. etc) only keep 1-2 flowers per stem, it will provide more
    nutrition to the flowers and they actually taste better.

  16. @gameplay1999 No. Cutting off leaves will absolutely not increase yield
    amounts, fruit size or speed up ripening. It will harm your plant and
    fruit. If you want to make larger tomatoes, remove some of the tomatoes so
    the plant can divert that energy to the few remaining tomatoes.

  17. why dont u try vertical gardening with your cucumbers and squash like you
    would tomatoes. it works well and keeps them off the ground saving space.

  18. o..m…g… your results absolutely STUPIFIED me *jaw dropped* It’s almost
    ridiculous how much I learn in a single video too…& it’s like you just
    say shyt in passing, but then when I’m taking an analytical look at
    something natural, it all makes sense because I remember something you may
    have said or done in your gardening ‘journey’ Like the contraction of the
    skin of tomato, for instance. That makes all the sense in the world why we
    should rather keep them moist–or at least NOT thirsty.

  19. How do you freeze peppers? I love your stuff and I am learning so much!
    Keep up the good work. I can tell you love to garden. You put so much
    detail into your videos. It helps so much when a person like me is just
    starting gardening.-allie

  20. Thanks for the help man p.s i subscribed

  21. you could possibly save your chillis still, i mean you said you would get
    frost up to your buts and that will kill them but if you manage to transfer
    them into a pot and bring them inside for the winter, they can become a
    perrenial, its alot easyer where i live i imagine, beacause im in australia
    and just build a miniature greeenhouse around them

  22. TABULOUS1, wow that was one heck of a compliment! Thanks!! I do talk a lot
    but I have to because otherwise I finish the video and then remember I
    should have mentioned something else. I never know what I’m going to say on
    a video until I hit the record button. lol

  23. @insauga I’ve never been a fan of that fad. I prefer my plants to grow
    right side up. I’m old fashioned like that. :)

  24. Cool. I like your vids, my garden is big. But it dont get about as much sun
    as yours do. Cause i have a pear tree and it doesnt bear fruit and i dont
    wnna cut ti down thats way too much work. Tomatoe, cucumbers, onions, and
    pumpkins what imma do this year. I gotta fix my garden up for the plant

  25. @MsNJohnson If you have sunny windows and/or grow lights, you can grow
    pertty much everything indoors. Although I might not suggest corn. lol