Part 2 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Shopping, Preparation, Supplies and Irrigation

John from consults with friends to help them plan their raised bed garden. This is Part 2. Overview of materials that were purchased, more planning the layout, and plans for digging the irrigation trenches.
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  1. Ok, I clicked on this for 2 reasons1. Maybe Cause I’m From Soddy Daisy, TN. 2.Cause I think if your on step 2 of, how to build a raised garden. That means, You clicked on step 1 and…That makes you an idiot, not knowing that raised garden pretty much speaks for itself. Wow, just think, theres’ plenty of dumbasses out there that pay good money for someone to come to thier home, and explain to them how to use thier common sense. Heres to you peeps for feeding this guys’ family and mine for years!

  2. People look at a before and after shot of a stand of Redwood trees after they have been take down. Redwoods are slow to grow too, so sad.

  3. Yeah, I used white pine about 6 yrs ago and I have gorgeous gardens. Azomite, ialong with rock dust, worm composting etc etc . I would never use Redwood because they’re so beautiful and theres no need. Wanna be hippie!

  4. Great tip your friend gave on coating the boards. =) & Great tip on choosing the wood too. Hubby went to Harbor Freight here in town about 2 hours ago for gloves. haha =) Again .. Great video. You are so making this .. make sense =) I have a feeling you are going to be my gardening muse. haha Take Care, Wendy

  5. Hi, I love your raised beds and would like to make a raised garden in my backyard. I have a lot of extra brick left in my garage by the house builders (retaining wall bricks, the ones with 3 holes in the middle… 2″x2″x8″), Can I make a raised bed out of those bricks? If so, how many rows would I need to dig in the ground before raising it up to a height of 8-12″?

  6. Your an awsome dude john to be helping out your neighbour just outta the goodness of your heart! Dont suppose your moving to canada anytime soon, hehehe, lol, jk, take care, Evan.

  7. You might try a less expensive set of tubing or pipe (roller) cutters that will leave a smooth end without shavings.

  8. Hey John, not to take the focus away from the other valuable parts of this video, but please tell us about those SHOES!

    Love your videos bro!

  9. I’m still thinking this over : ) Thanks again for all that you are doing!

  10. That is some seriously beautiful wood!! Looks far better than standard white pine, which is what I used.

  11. It depends on many factors. I decided it would be worth the cost. Some others might not think so. I believe if its worth doing, its worth doing right.

  12. Hi. On my tall 30″ high beds, I had to do just that in additon to sinking the posts in concete. I guess it just depends how tall your beds are. If 12″ or less, you might not even need it.

  13. John, I plan to build raised beds like yours. Physically digging holes and setting posts is pretty hard on me. I’m wondering if I put cross boards at each 4×4 connecting side to side would make the box strong enough to not bow without putting posts in the ground? I know rot would be an issue. Thank you!

  14. I have raised bed gardens built with fence boards also but have never used any stain or coating and they are still ok after 5 + years . Is the extra cost and labor worth the it ? I figure most fences last 10 + years why wouldnt my raised bed last as long. Then again my beds are only over a foot high.

  15. Vibram Five Fingers. They are like you are walking barefoot.

  16. Yes, I have see my community garden video for when I used plastic lumber. There are pros and cons of each material. Plastic does not need to be stained, but it may leach plasticizers or other chemicals into your soil.

  17. Have you ever made raised beds from recycled plastic lumber? There would not be any stain and resin to buy, and the product is rot-proof. There might be some issues with ultraviolet degradation in the full sun, but that might take years..??

  18. what kind of shoes are those… i have never seen any like that before…… well anyways thanks for the videos they help so much.

  19. Thanks for sharing the process with us. I will, hopefully, be a homeowner soon and will want to put in some raised beds. ~Jeri

  20. Looks great, looking forward to watching them come together!

  21. ok, looking forward to the updates!

  22. we are getting cherry tomatos already. its so much fun going veggie hunting. still need to look into the greens growning. but matters, squash and peppers are a start. thanks for inspiring us to grow, now. waves~~

  23. looking forward to the updates!!

  24. looks good. going to have a lot of fun digging through those tree roots to run the pvc