Peter Kearney’s organic garden tour

A tour around my organic and biodynamic vegetable, herb and fruit tree garden. This is where I developed and refined my knowledge in creating the content for our food gardening educational web site which teaches you to grow your own food. This is the begiining of a series of short movies where I will delve into organic gardening topics which are supported by the extensive food gardening content in our web site, localised at present to Australia, New Zealand and the USA

7 Responses to “Peter Kearney’s organic garden tour”

  1. Thanks for the compliment. I have a biodynamic gardening course coming up in 4 weeks time in our gardens. It goes for 2 consecutive Saturdays, the environment is beautiful.

  2. i love your garden becaudse i can get ideas for mine i live in brisbane to :)

  3. I let four carrots go to seed. Each carrot has at least 4 large seed heads and on each head I would have saved at least 1000 seeds. So they are incredibly prolific at generating seeds. Let the seed heads dry off totally and shake the head on to paper to collect the seeds. The bigger the carrot the bigger its seed heads, so don’t harvest you best 4 carrots.

  4. eternaluniverse9 Reply April 10, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    How many carrots did you know to let go to seed to have enough for the next year?

  5. Love permaculture!

  6. That’s a wonderful place to build with permaculture, congrats!

  7. Looks like a weed garden.