‘Pinching Out’ Your Growing Tomato Plants (Suckers)

A quick video about caring for your growing tomato plants. www.container-gardening-for-food.com

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  1. my plants average 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide bushes i get tons of tomatos

  2. do not pinch off the suckers put them in a rooting solution to start more plants pinch the flowers and feed the plant nitrogen til the hit at least 3.5 feet in height the suckers do not hinder the growth of the plant i have tried this before it has no benefit. stopping the plant from fruit however does the suckers can be used to start new tomato plants.

  3. should i really do this or not? i dont have much vertical room. those suckers dont produce little popcorn flowers?

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  5. I can grow a mean tomato!!!!!

  6. You sure there not Weed plants?

  7. Thanks!

  8. I did not know this. Thanks

  9. its july now and my maters are huge yet i have done no pruning they are five feet tall and just now putting off the tiny fruits……..so healthy but would i benifet from pinching off the lower shoots now or just do damage carpeterboss

  10. Excellent video and help! Thank you.

  11. Great video. Thanks for the help! (planted my first plants)

  12. You can replant those shoots you pinched out…put them in some compost and wait for roots to grow

  13. BackyardDiscoveryCo Reply January 22, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    great info and vid

  14. Wow!!! That explains why my better boy is super bushy.

  15. this is nice, i did not know that we need to do that. thanks for this video.

  16. What is the name of those “bindings you use”? .. They look GENIUS!

  17. I have been pinching out those little suckers, but I’ve also (please try not to laugh) been taking off most of the leaves that the suckers sit adjacent to. I have at least 100 flowers on each plant, some of them are now teeny weeny toms. It doesn’t appear to have harmed them by taking away some of the leaves. I have pinched off the very top bit from the main stem, which I read was good for making the plant fruit quicker. Have I done the wrong thing by taking off some of the leaves?

  18. I never pinch out and get a good crop, guess its down to choice, at the moment i have just started harvesting and have some nice big toms… Currently have around 40 plants growing, staggered over a month long period… some green house, some outside and a few inside

  19. What kind of tomatoes do you guys in England grow? I’d love to send you some Heirloom American seed varieties and have you experiment to see if they grow well for you. You seem to have a great green thumb! Its amazing what can be done in a few small containers.

  20. how often would you do this?

  21. Thank you, very helpful. Off to go pinch some of those little suckers :)

  22. So, so helpful to a beginner like me!!

    Thanks mate :-)

  23. This is not true! why would the plant bother to grow them “suckers” if it was bad for the plant? “suckers” means more leaf= more sun the plant picks up= more energy= more tomatoes…..?

  24. Thank you, my dad told me to ‘pinch’ out my plants but i didnt know what he meant lol first time grower so this has helped alot :)

  25. Make sure to only prune indeterminate tomatoe plants.