Plant grow light selection for indoor hydroponic gardening – Horizen Hydroponics

Plant grow light basics. Learn from the Masters before you buy. This video will answer the majority of your questions when it comes to selecting the right pl…

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  1. Trying to replicate the sun via artificial light is one the key aspects in

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  7. it all depends on what you are growing, or atleast how tall it will
    be….Magnetic induction is only advisable when growing generally large
    amounts of smaller plants, because the PAR ( if i remember correctly )
    degrades quickly from these lights, while hps/mh retain their lumens and
    PAR for longer….

  8. What about the seriously poor PAR spikes in HPS? I mean, the plant is not
    getting the type of light it needs in nature and will actually grow but
    contain low nutrient value. I don’t even think you can grow Chard with HPS.

  9. This is correct, don’t be fooled by “lumens”, look up PAR spectrum. Most of
    the HPS and MH lights have just enough blues and reds to grow something,
    however, you’re probably looking at something that is suffering in the
    nutrient area. I’m surprised there is nothing about Magnetic Induction,
    just google “biosonictech” HPS and MH are very inefficient and power
    hungry, might want to think about using lights that are built for nature.
    MI are probably the way to go these days. Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Do you know of any bulbs that actually do well and have high nutrient
    values? I know MH lights are super hot and are spiky as well, also, not in
    the right spots. LEDs and the new MI lights seems to be filling this gag,
    however, even LEDs are very narrow band. There are some MI lights that look
    really great, do you carry these?

  16. i can currently not think of any plant that will not grow under hps with
    the right equipment…and the light does not supply the nutes, it supplies
    the energy to process them…and those “seriously poor PAR spikes are
    mainly due to bad bulbs ( example- using sylvania/ g.e bulbs meant for
    industrial lighting…the right bulbs are anywhere from 35 to 130 usd.,
    depending on if you get them online or not, and which store…while i have
    no experience with chard, i believe that it is somewhat special?