Planting Garlic in Containers

Dave shows you how simple it is to grow garlic in containers.

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  1. No you’re not planting a bulb – you’re planting a single clove, and you’ll get a whole bulb back. And it will be the variety you want – not what the store carries.

  2. If I figured the cost of most of what I do, its cheaper in the store. But, for me the value of doing it myself is worth it. The pipe is for watering @ceahorse56

  3. u can get 6 bulbs in the market for 80 cents….growing 1 bulb costs more money with water…and ur planting a bulb to get a bulb….

  4. Is the pipe for watering, trying that this year

  5. Caleb1995trapman Reply April 25, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    What can you grow year around inside? great videos!

  6. Thanks, that was informative. I plan to grow some garlic in the ground. Hopefully no small animals will dig them up for a tasty treat!

  7. Check out my videos

  8. I tried several time to get my garlic to bulb, but only got shoots. Not even a flower :( what type of Soil/fertilizer full sun? Watering? getting frustrated please help! Thanks for posting

  9. I’ll try planting a few , thanks…would now be a proper time? Takes at least 8 months to grow, what I’ve heard so never tried growing garlic, near New Orleans.

  10. maybe it’s come up already but elephant garlic is not a true garlic, it’s closer to a leek, and it has a mild flavor.

  11. I reckon that all nationalities become one when the subject turns to gardening.

  12. Did you keep them watered?

  13. Don’t forget there are autumn and spring planting varieties!

  14. from your grocery store in the produce section. buy organic bulbs.

  15. Yeah, one clove does, but you can also plant the whole bulb and you’ll get many very small garlic plants. I’m not sure why he said to plant the whole bulb in at one go!

  16. wheredidileavemycell Reply April 25, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    hey do so does one clove go on to product a bulb? because if the ratio is 1 bulb = 1 bulb then what is the benefit of planting? im sure im missing something. Thanks in advance

  17. great tips . thanks im going to have to try this , about how long does it take to get the big bulb of garlic ? and what time do you plant it in spring or fall ?

  18. I buy mine from Johnny Selected Seeds in Maine. You can actually use organic garlic from the market as well, but you won’t know the variety.

  19. Where do you buy these garlic bulbs from?

  20. that’s all I learned. Make a hole stick it in…..not much else.
    Not very helpful to me.

  21. other then make a hole and stick it in the dirt, what else is important? Time of year to plant, how much water, when and how much to fertilize and when to harvest…..just to name a few.

  22. Can you grow the garlic from the From the seed flower that forms at the top of the plant. Or only from a clove from the bulbs?

  23. My garlic started sprouting then died off. What happened?

  24. interesting video, thanks buddy

  25. You said garlic can take quite a while – what approximately is “quite a while”?