Planting Onion Seed – Oct 2011 – The Vegetable Garden

Time to plant those onion seeds before it gets too cold. Visit The Bayou Gardener @
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  1. @mrsmagandelatour … No I don’t……Donald

  2. mrsmagandelatour Reply March 24, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    hi i was wondering if you plant wheat?

  3. @swsebrownsugar1888 … Let em get a little size to em (about 10-12 inches tall) then you can side dress with a little fertilizer…..Donald

  4. swsebrownsugar1888 Reply March 24, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    i planted onion seeds with garden lime and they sprouted what else do i need
    Thank 4 sharing, U hang in there as well (^_^)

  5. @jude1c9v … Try planting seedlings instead of the bulbs. You’ll also need to plant the right type of onion for your area. Lots of folks order theirs from Dixondale Farms in TX…….Donald

  6. haven’t tried to plant onions from seed yet, I’ve been planting from bulbs i get from the farmers market. they never get very big though, any idea what im doing wrong??

  7. @borderbubba … If you’re planning on transplanting in February then close spacing is OK. I won’t be transplanting so I spaced em out a bit……Donald

  8. Great video Donald! I learned that I planted my onion seeds too close together. Next year I will know to spread the seeds out. Have a good evening.

  9. … Since I won’t be transplanting or doing very much thinning I’d say 400-500……Donald

  10. how many onions you get out of that 100 foot row.

  11. @CreazioniPinnacolo … LOL The color changes with the amount of moisture in the soil……Donald

  12. CreazioniPinnacolo Reply March 24, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    is it just me or is your soil turning more brown..used to look more red i thought. lol. maybe that worm cast tea is doing it.

  13. @SpikenAL … Next time my back gives out on me and I can’t walk that would be a good idea. Thanks…….Donald

  14. just an idea ! maybe use a 3 or 4′ ( foot ) peace of 3/4 or 1″ pvc pipe to plant the seed from the car seat :) but could be smaller pipe like 1/2″ with a funnel on the loading end … 4:10 to 4:45 could be done from the car. looks like it maybe ez’er to put the seed down that way just an idea ! :)
    Just tryin to help :)
    Thanks and Good Luck

  15. @500passwords … I think you are going to do just fine…….Donald

  16. nice work donald :)
    i may break ground on my first garden this spring .
    i tilled them many times for grandpa but never
    had one of my own . got me a little old sears suburban
    tractor with all the implements :) wish me luck

  17. @memberson …If it works for you stick with it…….Donald

  18. @czyhrs …Thank you and you’re very welcome……Donald

  19. HELLO


  20. Mr Donald, that is another great video, as usual.
    I really enjoy all your videos.
    You have helped a tremendous amount of people,(me included).
    It is a pleasure to watch you.
    May God Bless & Keep you. safe & healthy.

  21. @lsukitten … I would plant it sometime in late Dec – early Jan when the tree is dormant……Donald

  22. Hi Donald I have a question. My dad gave me a Satsuma tree. it’s currently in a bucket. Should I plant it now or wait till spring? What is the best time of year to plant it? Thanks!!

  23. @Fielderfarms …You’re welcome……Donald

  24. Great video……..Thanks for making them.