Planting Potatoes in the Winter for Spring Vegetable Garden

How to grow Potatoes. How to plant Potatoes. Organic gardening…Planting potatoes during wintertime for our spring garden! Join us on Face Book! https://www…
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  1. Just planted and mulched some potatoes for our spring garden 2014 :)
    #organic #potatoes #garden #gardening 

  2. Heads up, there is a user stealing your videos. He has uploaded this one.
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  3. +UrigellaGaming Great to hear from you! Glad that you are still gardening
    as well! My sweet peas are still flowering, but the pods are frozen :) Are
    you still trying the vegan diet? Hope all is well and you are having a
    nice fall/winter season :) Have a great day! Misilla

  4. Planting potatoes in the winter for our spring garden 2014 :)
    #garden #potatoes #organic 

  5. Thank you for the info! I’ll try this with my sweet potatoes in a couple
    of months!

  6. Your compost is similar to what I used to do. I received a gift book from
    Rodell Press on composting.. The ratios for carbon to nitrogen are equal
    volumes of leaves to grass clippings.You can really speed the composting
    along by turning the pile every other day dampening as needed. I got usable
    compost in 14 days following these recommendations.

  7. Nice video – thx

  8. I am really glad you posted this! I always love to see what others are up
    to, It was especially cool to see a new video come from you. I really see
    your channel going places because the quality is excellent!

  9. Gardening With Puppies Reply September 18, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    That mulch looks like it will turn into great compost. Thanks for all the

  10. Looks great! i just love fresh potatoes, so yummy.
    Your compost looks great too. I use a tumbler (love it, had it for years,
    heats up incredible), but I never have enough compost for all of my garden :( 

  11. It’s great that you can still work the soil and get some potatoes planted.
    Our soil is frozen solid. What were the tools you were using to spread the
    leaf mulch? Very interesting.

  12. lets garden together

  13. Yolanda Breidenbaugh Reply September 18, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    What a great idea! That should work very well. I know if I overlook
    potatoes in the ground, they always come back up in the springtime. Good

  14. Great vid as always. I’ve just planted some in my now very small garden
    to, fingers crossed for some good crops. I often plant in march/april
    aswell, but decided to do the winter planting this time to. I’ve also
    planted some sweet peas just because i love the scent of them and growing
    them in winter can give great results the following year. Good luck!

  15. i love potatoes! its my favorite!! gonna try!! :D 

  16. What state are you in?