Planting Potatoes – January 2010 – Growing a Vegetable Garden

We’ll be planting potatoes and harvesting potatoes planted in the fall. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at http://www….

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  1. Donald, does the cut seed potatoe need to set 24 hrs and why? I may have
    miss that part. Thankyou Donald your videos are great……Ken

  2. Thankyou Donald….. Ken

  3. It’s really hard to say but if I had to guess it would be around 6 keepers.
    When the tops die off it’s time to dig…..Donald

  4. Your videos have been pretty much a manual for me in planting my own crops.
    Keep up with the new videos sir, they are appreciated!

  5. Plant your potatoes in the ground, you’ll get much better results. Stick to
    the basics and don’t fall for the gimmicks…..Donald

  6. Thanks brings back childhood memories. When my daddy used to farm our small
    farm in Germany. We had one fall crop every other year with potatoes. Then
    after the harvest the whole family sat around a big fire, and we tossed the
    potoatoes some of them in . They were delicious!

  7. @webcajun good to hear. will send some pictures of the garden after things
    really come up.

  8. thankyou Donald…. i mean that is just a gigantic garden… were you a
    farmer before or did you just get into it?

  9. Hey mon ami! I’ve been getting into gardening you’re helping a lot. I’m
    planting tomorrow morning and you’re providing the basics that I need.
    Thank you for taking your time to do this! From a fellow Acadian from the
    Canadian Maritimes,

  10. Hope you have a great season this year and thanks…..Donald

  11. Hey Ray … Some go into the swamp, some never come out. LOL Wati till you
    see the shinny new equipment I’ll have to work with this year. To bad it’s
    not mine……….. Donald

  12. @Efetida … about the only variety I can find around here is Red LaSoda.
    They have done pretty well but I would like to try a few Yukon Gold as

  13. @CDerica1 … I have 7 acres and garden about 2…….. Donald

  14. Sorry about the 4 messages! Didn’t show they had gone through. One for each
    potatoe I suppose. lol

  15. Hope you have a great year…….. Donald

  16. @bellaray1 … We plant our potatoes in mid January. I try to let em dry
    out but usually the weather is so bad I end up planting the same day I cut.
    We get a good bit of rain in the winter and the garden is pretty wet so you
    plant when you can not so much when you want. I’m going to try to plant a
    few this fall and let em grow through the winter……….Donald

  17. You’re welcome……Donald

  18. Got to give em a little bit…..Donald

  19. You’re very welcome……Donald

  20. With a short growing season I bet you’re a better gardener than I am. No
    time to play around, go to get it right the first time……… Donald

  21. @rozeraseel1 …Well that’s great, happy for you…..Donald

  22. Hi Donald, I was wondering about the time when you start hilling, you said
    when the plants are about 12-16 inches, is there a time (30-45+ days?) it
    seems that my plants are young when they be that high, I live in Calif. and
    plant year round, thanks again, for your help!

  23. @NaomiChambers … depends a lot on the weather and how fertile the soil is
    but I’d say on average 6-12……… Donald

  24. Please don’t stop passing on your knowledge. I am so grateful for your

  25. @gleciab04 …I find my spring crop to be the best. I usually end up with a
    few pounds that sprout just about planting time (August) and use those.
    Store them like you would any other in a cool, dark, dry place…..Donald