Planting Tomato Seeds Growing Tomatoes from Seed Germinating Vegetable Garden Plant

This years seed starting and transplanting. Germinating tomatoes from seed Planting tomato seeds Growing and starting pepper plants square foot raised bed ga…

25 Responses to “Planting Tomato Seeds Growing Tomatoes from Seed Germinating Vegetable Garden Plant”

  1. Mroww<3

  2. my seedlings haven’t germinated in 8 days :( 

  3. seedlings should be handled by their leaves not stems

  4. Omg im only 17 and i decided to grow my own tomatoes and green beans, but i
    didnt know i had to move each little plant of the tomatoes to individual
    vases, thanx though !! Great video

  5. geetanjali sachdeva Reply September 1, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Can you please tell how many sprouts did you put in one glass and do u
    water it twice a day or just once. The reply would be of great help. Thx

  6. thanks! im excited to try a new cherry tomato variety called Sun Sugar, its
    supposed to be really sweet. hopefully things will grow good this year.

  7. hi, i plant one sprout per cup and water about once every one or two days
    at the start. after the plant becomes established i might water twice a day
    before they get big enough to transplant outside. thanks

  8. it looks like you will be competeing in my tomato competition right???? i
    hope so!

  9. bloody hell mate my tomatos took quite a bit longer to get going i would
    say arround 5-7 days to even poke out the soil but then i suppose it
    depends on the type of tomato very nice video :)

  10. What do you use as your soil, and things you mix in it when plants are
    grown up? Please reply.

  11. hi, the small lights in the cabinet are low watt compact fluorescent bulbs.
    i think they are about 23 watts. i also use a 4 foot fluorescent tube shop
    light fixture, those bulbs are 40 watts each. the shoplight costs about $20
    at home depot. the compact fluoro bulbs i bought in a pack of 4-5 and were
    like $15. thanks!

  12. hi, i use the dome part just for germination. when the seedlings gets a few
    inches tall they get transplanted into cups and put under lights in a
    separate section.

  13. Which grow lights do u use? How much did they cost? Great video!

  14. what type of soil do you use in the cells

  15. I like you technique.

  16. Nice setup and garden. Subscribed

  17. your going to have a great garden! I am excited to see what you can get!!!!

  18. KITTY

  19. Everything looks great!! Maybe next year I won’t be so scared to start my
    toms from seed, you make it look so easy.

  20. Cool reggae! I want to be like you someday. And I just learned so much. I
    will transplant my sage,oregano and basil just like you have. Thanks alot.

  21. the soil mix is about 85% compost, 5% perlite, 5% vermiculite, 5% worm
    castings, and a small handful of azomite rock dust

  22. thanks!

  23. thankyou!, its always a nice surprise when those seeds pop up out of the
    soil. the first few days are a nail biter wondering if things will
    germinate :)

  24. wow!!