Planting Tomatoes From Seeds in a Self-Watering Pot : The Chef’s Garden

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25 Responses to “Planting Tomatoes From Seeds in a Self-Watering Pot : The Chef’s Garden”

  1. BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose Reply June 21, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Boobs and tomatos! There is only one way this video could have been better,
    and thats if somehow there was bacon involved.

  2. Black chick likes to show off phoney tits, real good eHow.

  3. I want to plant my face in those tits!

  4. gross

  5. Dinesh Kumar Takyar Reply June 21, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Interesting idea with a disastrous background!

  6. I already know how to grow tomatoes… but….

  7. lol. looks like the closeup camera operator and the editor had fun. :o )

  8. what did she say

  9. Tits everywhere (.Y.)

  10. Wow! If only all youtube videos could be that visually appealing.

    If Congress looked like that I could watch C-span all day!

  11. wait! What was this video about. Somehow I got distracted.

  12. i don’t know what shes talking about tho i love what shes saying nice tits

  13. Love how there isn’t a shot in this vid that doesn’t show her luscious
    tits. I want those things in my face.

  14. I see that the young lady here has already grown a couple of nice melons. 

  15. bit distracting outfit tech…

  16. cant stop lookin at you lol

  17. I’m suck at multitasking..

  18. And the men is this thread, show why they are the lower form of life in the
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  19. LMAO @some of the mens comments xD Silly men. 

  20. Hingle McCringleberry Reply June 21, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    you should do porn..

  21. I actually think that she does a good job in the video of carefully
    explaining things. On the other hand, her attire is clearly a distraction
    to most of you guys. Sad, although I have to admit that at about the 3:55
    mark there is a comical choice of words that definitely didn’t help
    things. Overall, good job Teca.

  22. I would prefer Ebony tomatoes over Red ones any day!

  23. her voice is killing me

  24. ehowgarden annoy me with the boobs!! Really…come on!!!

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