Potted Vegetable Garden

http://www.pottedvegetablegarden.com The Potted Vegetable Garden teaches you how to grow successful fruits, vegetable and herbs at home in your very own cont…
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  1. Thank you Pureseed Tv Nice to hear that I have inspired someone! Happy
    Gardening Marty

  2. I totally LOVE your garden Marty!! Awesome idea!! You’ve inspired me heaps!
    Wishing you and your gorgeous daughter so much health and happiness. xxx

  3. Hi Marty I love the Worm farm and your Potted Vegetable Garden Thanks for
    the tip for breeding up the worms. I look forward to seeing more soon!

  4. Hi my friends! Please leave a comment and any questions you may have below!
    Thanks Marty

  5. Some people have asked me about using different pesticides! I am not 100%
    organic but super close. If I can’t beat that pests using natural systems
    then I basically won’t grow those crops anymore. Brasica family is hardest
    hear in northern NSW Australia as the White Cabbage Moth is a real pest.
    So, I just don’t bother with this one!

  6. great man ….

  7. When it comes to cabbage moth .. Keep a yellow sticky bug catcher from the
    local hardware store. Or go around once a day and look underneath the
    leaves and remove the little yellow eggs. and wash your hands before and

  8. Cabbage moth are a real pain. They are territorial though and I have seen
    others cutting out moth look alike from white plastic and hanging them up
    on wire around the garden. My recommendation would be to try and encourage
    more bird life to clean them up

  9. The first plant was a Cucumber in the description of all my plants. When I
    came into detail I mentioned a Pawpaw (Papaya). To remove pest try to avoid
    planting the one species all together when possible. Mix your plantings
    into companion style plantings. Allow all insects to come into the garden
    and try to create a mini eco system. Place a bird bath too, this will
    attract birds that clean up the insects. Small lizards and spiders do a
    fair job at gobbling insects! I hope this helps Marty

  10. what’s the first plant u mentioned? i really hope u could teach me how you
    treat pest such as whitefly, other den buying beneficial insects and using
    of pesticides. Thanks