Preparing and Planting the Fall Garden – September 2010 — Growing a vegetable garden

Using the Middle Buster, Tiller and Row Hippers to prepare the fall garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at http://…
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25 Responses to “Preparing and Planting the Fall Garden – September 2010 — Growing a vegetable garden”

  1. @galegregory97comcast … almost everything is up and

  2. @AsphaltCowboy57 … something I try to stress in the videos is to keep
    things as simple as they really are. Will be doing an update soon, some of
    the things I planted are already 6 inches tall. I did have to replant a few
    things, think I have a rabbit coming in there at night, but overall it’s
    looking good…….Donald

  3. Fantastic video thank you! Im from miami florida so i dont got the space
    but its great to see how its really done :)

  4. TheCajuntransplant Reply December 31, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Donald you are a “GENIUS” The man with the plan, A gardener with the tricks
    of all trades….Creator of a Masterpiece!!!!!!! Love this video!

  5. Looks like it’s going to be another good year…..Donald

  6. @Rdrake1413 … Hey Robert, I’m having to water about every other day, no
    rain here. Got pretty much the same planted as you do except the turnips.
    Not too crazy about turnips. The dogs have been staying out of trouble
    lately but I’ll see what I can do……….Donald

  7. @saintveil … good idea……..Donald

  8. @bighomie229 … I’m in Zone 8 and start planting in Sept – Oct……Donald

  9. You should try to grow “a” giant pumpkin sometime and enter it in a state
    fair that’s what i want to do next year

  10. i love how relaxed he makes gardening gd job m8 :)

  11. keep it the good work, i like all your videos, i sure enjoy watching you
    teaching us farming, its better than farmville in face book, its real deal.

  12. @CJBegnaud … I hope it works out like I planned. You know our winters can
    be wet and muddy………Donald

  13. Everytime you post a video, I get a smile on my face! I love to see your
    operation; the retired like is awesome…

  14. I dont want to point any fingers at anyone but just maybe it was Lucy who
    had your hand planter? just a thought…lashpa Love Lashone & Loretta

  15. @bellaray1 … about the only thing I have in the fall garden that I would
    can is the carrots. Need to check out the “Forum” on the web site. We have
    a section just on canning that you would find interesting. Lots of good
    people on the forum from all over that are always willing and able to help.
    Good place to hang out……..Donald

  16. @basicimpala … I just cut the grass in the garden yesterday. Sounds kind
    of funny, “cutting the grass in the garden”. LOL …….Donald

  17. Love your videos! Can’t wait to see you plant the onions :)

  18. looking good donald , why havent i seen you on swamp people show :) have
    you ever been gator hunting ????

  19. Another great video. Thank you Ransom Houston, TX

  20. I wish i could have a farm like yours

  21. @earlene0925 … now is the time to plant beets. Broadcast the seed, cover
    with about 1/2 inch of dirt and water them in real well. Keep the soil
    moist and they’ll come up in no time. Once up, thin them out to about 3
    inches apart………Donald

  22. @webcajun That is great!

  23. Thank you for your videos:) I’ve learned so much!

  24. I want to plant and pickle beets.Ive only grew tomatoes and bell peppers
    this year.I cant find any one around here who gardens. My bell peppers were
    tiny… little ufo’s lol. You are the closest person I’ve found on
    youtube to Arkansas. When should I plant them and how. Can you help me
    out…..please….thanks a bunch

  25. @bellaray1 … I’d love to have a small green house to start my seedlings
    in late winter. Not sure about growing vegetables in a hot house. Cost of
    construction and heating would be more than I willing to