Protect Your Vegetable Garden from Small Animals & Build a No Cost Raised Bed at Veggielution

John from goes on a field trip to Veggielution at the Emma Prush Farm Park in San Jose. In this episode you will learn how …
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25 Responses to “Protect Your Vegetable Garden from Small Animals & Build a No Cost Raised Bed at Veggielution”

  1. most annoying man ever.

  2. Great vid but I am concerned about scrap lumber which most likely is
    treated, wouldn’t that be not good?

  3. I learn so muh from your videos. Thank you!

  4. John your absolutely perfect. I love this site and your positive energy as
    you share and mentor fellow garden lovers. I thank the good lord there’s
    people out there like you, willing to share information with us fellow raw
    food lovers. I also appreciate what you do at discount to help
    us make informed decisions. When you give the people with negative comments
    acknowledgment you give away your positive energy. Just let them wither on
    the vine and use them for compost. TY

  5. You are a great inspiration regardless of your pronunciation!! So what, who
    cares? Love your videos and keep up the good work for you are helping many

  6. HOW close is it to Concord CA ? how do a former Hurricane Andrew 1992
    victim who has two broken ankles …WHO HAS PROBLEMS getting around

  7. Hey, I tell this to everyone who likes to mess with people for the way they
    talk or the grammar they use. Language was made for communication, not

  8. You are so cute!

  9. Hi John. Your videos are great. I learned so much from your videos. Im
    currently growing my own food and cant wait to harvest them. But anyway,
    can you please explain the Senate Bill (S510) that passed last year which
    makes it illegal to grow, share, trade, sell your own food. I did some
    research myself, just want to see if i missed anything and maybe you can
    inform your subscribers that were not aware of this. Thanks. And keep on
    posting your great videos.

  10. Your pronunciation seems to be very similar to an Australian accent I have
    no troubles understanding you when you speak unlike people with this
    american accents. :)

  11. We had to trap several ground hogs and move them across the Charles river
    to grow anything.

  12. rustmonster27822 Reply June 19, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    All good man thanks

  13. @rubydue Agreed.

  14. Keep talking the way you talk John, I understand you just fine and that is
    the point. You are a font of information :)

  15. Chickens love the carrot tops!

  16. yea your doing good,great video.

  17. I love the idea of recycling old fencing or decking to make a raised bed. I
    was wondering, since you don’t always know what has been put on it, such as
    paint or sealers, is there a concern about something leeching into the soil
    and then possibly into your plants, if this kind of wood is used? Love your
    videos! I always look forward to them. Thanks!

  18. you would have been my favorite student….a former speech therapist, a
    hillbilly with a southern accent!!!!! Dang!!!!!


  20. Hi John, thanks to your Lowe’s free tree video, I not only got my free pine
    “bush” tree, I got tomatoes for .50cents a piece and they were out of the
    peppers but at least I got what I did cheaply. I wouldve never known had u
    not said something about it. So ty alot!! =) I got 3 or 4 varieties so I am

  21. Your awesome John and your voice is perfect! I use to live in the bay area
    and I miss it so much! I’m a total fan of your vids! Keep it green! Haha

  22. I have two barns and 36 raised beds and tons of compost dirt all by picking
    up off the side of the road.

  23. …Don’t worry your great….PS I have the same thing…and I’m 66 years
    old…God bless….!

  24. John, when someone suggests to me that I did not pronounce something
    correctly, I google the term pronunciation of whatever the word is and what
    I have found EVERY TIME is that while how they are pronouncing it is
    correct, how I was pronouncing it was also correct. There seems to often be
    several ways to correctly pronounce words and differences may be from
    geographical differences. I appreciate how articulate you are although I do
    wish you often would describe more about taste and nutrition.

  25. I am glad you mentioned Cats, they are my biggest problem. I don’t have
    pets, but since planting a garden i have had all the neighbourhood Cats
    digging up my garden.