Pruning Indeterminate Tomatoes in Containers and Identifying Tomato ‘Suckers’

Tomato ‘suckers’ will actually turn into stems that produce tomatoes. If you don’t prune the ‘suckers’ from your indeterminate plants you will end up with do…
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  1. El Buitre De Madrid Reply November 20, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Hi , have just subscribed to your channel :)
    Q- do you know if the San Marzano tomato variety is a definite or
    indefinite plant?

  2. Question #2: We all know that flower/fruit production occurs vertically
    from the bottom of a plant to the top of it. But is it safe to say that
    once fruits are produced (and picked), no new flowers will be produced from
    the same/nearby place? Is it a one way direction? I mean if so, then
    doesn’t pruning limit your fruit production dramatically? I mean some
    pruning is fine for air to circulate but after some point it seems that
    pruning will significantly result in much less harvest. So I am confused
    right now and don’t want to prune top 40% of suckers. Should I?

  3. I watch this video every time I plan to prune my indeterminate tomato
    plants in containers :) , so thanks for that. I have a question. I don’t
    have much space in the balcony so the plants don’t have that much space as
    in a garden. Eventually, I feel I will have to limit its vertical growth by
    pinching top growth but at the same time and naturally enough, I want as
    much fruit as possible from the plants. My plan is like this. Pinch its top
    and leave top 40% of suckers to they produce flowers/fruits. How would it
    work, have you experienced something like this before?

  4. Gary im soo sorry im afraid I still dont understand, is their any way you
    can do a video on this subject?

  5. Thanks Gary, you answered more questions that I had just by watching this
    one video.

  6. so if i take a indeterminate tomato in a container , is their a way i can
    just let the tomato grow 2-3 ft and stunt the growth and keep it at that
    hight ? basically force it in a sense to be like a determinate tomato ?

  7. Gary Gary, i need your help/suggestion
    i have bunch of tomato plants, the determined vine plants are only little
    over 1 foot tall and they are starting to set flowers now, and the plants
    are not very bushy yet, shall i pinch off the flowers or leave them on ?

  8. Very thorough! Thank you!

  9. Excellent video: concise, instructive, user friendly, and the voice of
    experience. Thank you.

  10. thanks from the United Kingdom have been growing tomatoes as you call them
    for at least 6 years and still learning great video and tuition thanks

  11. Not sure why you call a branch a “leaf”. There’s the main stem, branches
    off the main stem, and suckers in between the main stem and the branches.
    Leafs are part of the branches.

  12. I’m leaving the suckers bcos they are also producing flowers and eventually
    fruits. However I am cutting the leaf stems that are non fruit bearing ie
    thinning the plant out – are either of these methods the wrong thing to do?

  13. It seems that nearly everyone has their own spin on pruning (indeterminate)
    plants. That said, there’s at least one fairly common method I’ve run
    across; one that calls for the removal of most if not all suckers and
    branches below the first flower cluster. That makes sense to me for several
    reasons IF that first cluster isn’t too far up the main stem. Turns out a
    Better Boy I’m growing in a large container will be the testing-ground for
    this particular style of pruning with no more than 3 or 4 stems in total.
    I’d prefer larger but fewer tomatoes as opposed to smaller and many…
    this might do the trick. Thanks for the video!

  14. You also prune all the bottom branches guys you don’t want rain bouncing
    off the floor onto the plants as it causes diseases 

  15. Do you hate praxxus55712? Because everything he says,you say the opposite.

  16. Why dont u leave the Tomato plant to grow how it wants, im sure it know
    how.. Im sure Tomatoes dont come in ure personal space and tell u how to

  17. Pretty clear good vid! thanks!
    subbed liked =)

  18. Thanks for the video. My plants have became unruly and some of the suckers
    are now so big that they look like the main stem! Time for a prune.

  19. Hi Gary,
    What is the purpose bend the stem? Is there for increase the number of root?
    Thank you

  20. Wow! You give such clear advice and great visuals! Thank you so much! I
    just subscribed and bookmarked your blog. I’m so excited to have found a
    gardener that I can follow for advice and tips. Thank you for all your work
    and sharing this with us!!!

  21. good vid

  22. Thats a great bit of information…thanx

  23. The best tomato plant video

  24. Timpeall An Domhain Reply November 21, 2014 at 4:12 am

    Hi Gary, I read elsewhere on the internet that when your tomato plant
    starts to produce flowers you should cut off all the branches below the
    flowers. What’s your take on this?