QBD Seed Challenge

In this video I challenge myself to pick up an herb seed at the QBD. This idea was inspired by random complaints of people having trouble picking up herb seeds while slaying. You may want to watch this in 720p so you can see the seed on the ground a bit better. To make it more challenging, I increased my mouse speed to 5700 DPI, used fixed mode to make the screen especially small, and limited myself to no gear except for an anti-dragon shield and an inventory of shrimp. If anyone else would like to give it a try I’ll post links to their attempts here: To submit an attempt just post it as a video response.

25 Responses to “QBD Seed Challenge”

  1. they dont even make that much money per video

  2. try this with an onyx bolt TIP

    yes a black tiny spec

    its 10x worse

  3. dat youtube money

  4. Now do it upside down like Born For Pvm

  5. can you make more irl vids like dancing and stuff?

  6. N0LongerSleeping Reply July 16, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    Did you get your stuff back? I hope so!

  7. thankyou :P

  8. I want to see Simon try to do this. The video would be like 3 hours long.

  9. Kodak09Productions Reply July 16, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    Drop a morchella mushroom spore or watermelon seeds when there’s only 1 in the stack. That’s a challenge.

  10. Gf bank.

  11. probably a better way to do this challenge is to have team viewer and have one person drop the seen while other isn’t looking then the other guy has to find w/o looking @ mini map be hard to see it legit tho,

  12. hard*

  13. tbh not that had to pick up seeds but i enjoyed the vid

  14. Gay…

  15. As I can see by reading the comments these people don’t know how hard it is to actually pick seeds up. Well I guess it isn’t hard when they’re using their precision clicking slayer bots -.-

    I found this rather entertaining, nice idea.

  16. omfg i wish i could like your comment 10000000000x

  17. Well that was…

  18. Well that was

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  20. Well that was

  21. It’s not his responsibility to entertain you with everything he makes…he’s a regular person who enjoys playing RS and makes videos about it, which many people, including me, happen to like.

  22. Yes, omg. Why is his voice so sexy?

  23. I thought this was hilarious tbh lol.

  24. Rofl. I enjoyed it. Don’t understand all the dislikes.

  25. Why all the dislikes lol