Raised Beds And Staggered Plantings – Vegetable Gardening

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25 Responses to “Raised Beds And Staggered Plantings – Vegetable Gardening”

  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for watching!

  2. could do with the tips!! thanks!

  3. I have a small garden at the house, may use wood chips on it. Thanks!

  4. Place wood chips on

  5. You’re welcome and thanks. I bet the Koreans have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to gardening and such, it must have been neat to see them first hand.

  6. Yes, It might be scarrie to watch your neighbour talking to a camera…:) but you do great job. Thanks for shareing your experiences. Daniel from Hungary.
    PS. In June I stayed at contry side of South Korea for 10 days. It was nice to see how much effort they do to make the rice (and pepper) grow… and they got the small smart tricks…which I never saw before. thanks again.

  7. Allen that might be the way to go. The lady next to me has weeds all over, but her veggies look just as good and the critters aren’t getting to them. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Most around here think You Tube is for crazy people, stunts, and stuff like that. They don’t realize some folks actually work to put out something useful. One guy just sat and stared at me the whole time I was making a video yesterday, I just waved and kept on talking to the camera. LOL!

  9. Just tell them to watch you on You Tube, LOL. Jim

  10. Interesting! I haven’t done much staggered planting in the past, but it really works well for radishes as they mature in about 3 weeks. I planted some white icicle radishes today. Take care Peter.

  11. thanks Peter.

  12. the victorian gardenrs used to plant the way you do in stages so as to have a range of veggies in ‘season’

  13. some good advice Roosevelt

  14. I don’t know a lot about cold weather crops and didn’t really get a chance to plant during the cold season, started late. But, Kale and other cabbage or mustard family plants in general, radishes, lettuces, peas can all be planted both early and late. I’m going to plant some Swiss chard later in the season for a late fall harvest, but I don’t know if it’s considered a cold weather crop. Thanks for stopping by and asking, Roosevelt

  15. What do you plant during the cold seasons?

  16. Uh oh! I do that all the time. Just kidding! Thanks for watching and taking time to comment.

  17. You’re welcome Yakmock. The garden is really came along a lot since this video. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and more is expected. There are lots of veggies showing up now and even my corn is starting to produce. Thanks for the compliment.

  18. You’re welcome. the soil is starting to get harder to see, things are greening up nicely now and filling in the rows. Thanks for watching and commenting, Roosevelt

  19. Things are lookin great! As long as you don’t start asking questions and answering yourself, it’s perfectly normal to talk to yourself hahaha. Take care!

  20. Wow! Thanks for the info.The garden is looking great!

  21. thanks bud nice to see some soil

  22. Thank you sir! Something to do while waiting for the end of the world. :)

  23. You are welcome. Thanks for watching and taking time to comment. Roosevelt

  24. LOL! yep! I feel more comfortable being spotted talking to myself than to the camera.

  25. It’s when you start arguing with yourself that you know it’s getting bad. :)