Raised Beds – Cheap vegetable garden beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable garden

Learn how to make a raised bed for next to nothing and incorporating Permaculture design methods into your garden. This is a raised huglekultur vegetable gar…

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  1. It does only in a small way if your soil are deficient in Iron.

  2. Does using galvanize corigated metal panels have any affect on food you grow?

    Thank you David

  3. AzLivingwithTerri Reply July 29, 2013 at 5:47 am

    The mix I use is 1/3 compost blend, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 to 1/5 vermiculite. You can make it or buy it at home depot under the name square foot garden or mels mix. ,There are other great garden soils as well like Kellogg and there is a commercial soil to. The compost blend should be plant compost and manures compost mixed together at least 5 different Ingredients. Vermiculite is at home depot as well. Check out my garden tour videos at azlivingwithterri. Hope this helps

  4. Why make it so deep? With that same material it seems you could have doubled your amount of beds. No vegetable that I know of has roots deeper than a few inches because in nature, all the good soil is on top and within 3-12 inches it is clay. Just wondering, nice video!

  5. What type of bed would be good to build here in the Arizona desert? I am too late for the spring prepping and growing as my heirloom seed were delayed in the mail. so I am focusing on getting 3 or 4 beds ready for fall. How do I make rich soil out of desert dirt cheaply? I am really starting everything from scratch. I have a grow chart for vegetables and herbs for my county produced by Arizona State University so I basically know what times are good for what but it is kind of overwhelming.

  6. I know, heard that one too :) But somehow I don’t think it is true. You would need a huge amount and it would cost way to much, as in those days salt was worth a lot. That’s what I would think ;)

  7. Thanks. Just wondered. I had always been told salt was bad and I´ve read the Romans used to heavily salt farmlands on occasions to prevent their enemies from growing food.

  8. That is always the case, shows there is plenty of life in your soil that is gobbling it all up. No we brought it in and added a lot of materials. At the outset it is always a lot of work to get things going well. But keep adding stuff and you will see more and more improvement.

  9. No idea on that one sorry. Salt can prevent plants from taking up water if the level is to great. So in a way plants die of mineral and nutrient uptake. It also sucks the life out of microbes if too high. But don’t know if it can benefit plants.

  10. I was reading last week that a tiny bit of salt helps add certain other minerals. What is your feelings on that?

  11. I have raised beds and I’m hoping to get to the stage where there’s no need for digging. I’ve added loads of organic material over 2 years but it seems to disappear into nothing. When you filled this bed with soil initially, did you get it from around your plot or did you buy it in? I bought a load of top soil and added that to my 12 3ftx7ft raised beds and again it looked like I’d added nothing at all. I guess I’ll have to be very patient and keep adding stuff or spend a fortune? Ace Video!

  12. That it can, but the amount is not enough to damage your plants.

  13. Right away as you will have lots of soil to plant into ;)

  14. Can seaweed add salt to your soil?

  15. How long until you can start planting in this bed?

  16. Thanks for pointing out the nitrogen robbing bit – cleared up a question I had about when they are buried. We have subscribed for your future updates!

  17. Great video thanx for sharing. I am going to subscribe.

  18. Will be doing something similar in out soon to be started front garden.. No sea weed here but the neighbour will be saving large branches for us to ass when he does a big trim next week..
    Thanks David :)
    Have a great one..

  19. Whats the name of the song by mcdermotts two hours?

  20. Great video. I’m a fan of raised beds since i’m disable i can do my gardening easier. I have 4 raised bed. I used 2 plastic canasters and used them as raised bed which i have in my balcony. 1 in front of the house, and the big one that it is made out of cement on the side of the house. Your raise bed is great sometime people here throws it out not knowing what to do with them. thanks for your video.

  21. Nice way to get a good raised bed with little effort, I.e. tilling. Might try some small hügelkulturen this year, I just need to go for a day trip to the beach with some plastic bags!

  22. Very interesting seeing the old hugel bed — how long since it was built?

  23. MedicalCannabisSpain Reply July 29, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    but the fenceborder is rusting, therefore leaching no? :) I find seaweed promotes so much insect activity in grenhouse , so tend to avoid algae nowadays indoors at least

  24. Great David! I’ve done one last year and I too have put sea weeds in it and old straw and so on…by the time I was finished it was the end of summer, so I can’t wait to plant in it this coming spring :)

  25. Awesome …. lot of work but a great result