Raised Beds in the City

Patti shows you how to make hoop houses for your raised beds.

25 Responses to “Raised Beds in the City”

  1. what kind of gravel do you put down before you put your garden on top? do you lay anything under the gravel 1st like landscaping paper? basically how do you prep your area for raised beds if you want to lay gravel?

  2. very inspirational, thx

  3. Just proves something is wrong with the food system.

  4. you should be on TV your just to good for youtube

  5. thank you patti

  6. you do such a good job, you should get a huge conservatory added on your home.

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  8. Hi garden girl, any idea on how to keep my dog, chickens, wild birds and sqiurrels out of my garden beds while growing stuff in them?

  9. Do you think a hoop house would work as a good squirrel barrier? I was thinking of attaching chicken wire to the top…

  10. life outside my kitchen is so scary though

  11. can you believe some cities wont allow gardens

  12. love your videos, what type of soil did you fill your beds with?

  13. looks like a very nice system.

  14. No way! She uses rabbit manure and compost to ammend with. Her soil biology is a roaring symphony of life just like anyone who grows like her..

  15. good video. i am curious about the soil biology levels of your beds. Do you use any chemical fertilizers?

  16. Don’t you need the rain? Hoophouse?

  17. Seriously, after seeing you handle that drill – I won’t be able to stand up for the next hour.

  18. Well a hoop house will heat up earlier in the spring and stay warmer in the fall..so adding time to your gardening season =)

  19. Short and right to the point. This is a very informative video.
    I really dig the way your yard is set up, I bet your yields are excellent.
    Great job Patti!

  20. Wait, why am I making a hoop house? What is the point of this? Thanks.

  21. what is cum-powst?

  22. I started my hoop houses by simply bending limbs and sticking them in the ground…then i covered them with plastic and put dirt around the bottum to hold the plastic in place. Worked great and im getting my third crop where i used to get one or two.

  23. i have been trying to build a “hoop house for 2 weeks i like ur idea a lot more its plain simplisity compared to mine thanks for the vid u saved me a lot of time

  24. I wish my backyard looked like that. Nice job!

  25. Your place looks really great. Keep those videos coming. Thanks ~,~