Raised Garden Bed: Natural Cedar

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16 Responses to “Raised Garden Bed: Natural Cedar”

  1. I’m going to set mine up next weekend.

  2. Nice.

  3. Those raised beds look great! ;)

  4. yeah, I heard about the asparagus having problems making it through the winter in a raised planter, I put some in the ground as well to see the difference…I got those cedar rail planters (28 inches each online somewhere, they fit either a 4 or 6 inch rail top….

  5. Hi Blair,
    We do have some that are 12 feet long. My parents just built some that measure 20′ long. If you leave the braces at the dirt level, it’s easy to avoid them when digging.

  6. If you want, call us during normal hrs, 888.451.6752, and I’ll give you $20 off that bed!

  7. I just watched your backyard garden vid. Looks great. We actually sell the planters on legs, the garden center, and the composter, on our Eartheasy com site. I would be interested in learning more about your split rail planter.
    We grow asparagus too, but put it right in the ground due to the long tap roots it (apparently) puts down. Congrats on a great setup!

  8. check out my rail cedar planters and raised planters…It’s great having them raised so you don’t have to bend over….

  9. You are sooo cute! Sorry, couldn’t help it! This is a GREAT design idea, I am going to your website now. Great job, thank you!

  10. If all the materials are free including enough commercial potting mixture as well as all seeds and plants, then I would say go this way to garden. I really like free.

  11. If I were to build one from scratch, I would use screws rather than nails. They hold better. Building one from scratch is straight-forward, and we have instructions on this at eartheasy com

  12. why not use nails and hammer it yourself.
    Hammering is easy if your a real man
    Get a man, not a kit. Build it yourself

  13. You can choose from multiple sizes at eartheasy com

  14. TheVegetablegardener Reply May 24, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Good job on the design. I might consider an 8 foot run on the sides.  The center braces might get damaged during any digging.

    Check my site as well.


  15. i like that. where can i find this

  16. Kewl.