Rare Heirloom Seeds Im Planting This Year – Self Suffient Gardening!!

Here are a few of the rare, heirloom seeds im planting this year. Most of these seeds came from these 3 companies – www.rareseeds.com www.tradewindsfruit.com…

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  1. Excellent vid and an even better seed collection. We have many of the same
    items, from the exact same companies. How did the gem corn turn out? I
    got some this year from native seed and can’t wait to grow them out. Also,
    I desperately need the bags that you kept your seed packets in; where did
    you find them?

  2. Nice vlog, cool to see that we have ordered a couple of the same things.
    The elemental spirit of wind was playing tricks on you, haha. Where do you
    get the clear bags from?

  3. I am currently growing Purple Cherokee and Sungold tomatoes

  4. That’s a nice selection man!!! That blue tomato if you didn’t already find
    it, is called an o.s.u blue. I’m growing some this year too. You got some
    classy corn seed there, that glass corn from what i found was pricey! And
    that scorpion from mhpgardener, I can tell you now from the way my plants
    growing, it’s a strong strain… nice variety man!

  5. Nice! I’ve been eager to see what everyone will be planting this year. I
    ordered a ton of seeds over the winter so I’m working on picking out what I
    want to try this year. I need to get started soon since the weather here in
    central Cali is already really nice. 82 here today! My fruit plum and
    nectarine trees are already blooming. I’m getting some footage together to
    post! I hope you have great success in the garden this year! I bet you’re
    so happy to have room for a full garden… Take care :)

  6. I like the way you packaged your seeds. I love tradewind and bakers creek..
    I will check out native seeds :)

  7. Wapsipinicon Peach tomato! named for a river in Iowa. :) Bee balm is a
    perennial, one of my favorites.Looks like a great start. Go Heirlooms!!

  8. AWESOME colllection of seeds ya got there athatcher85! The tomatoe
    varieties, the greens, the scarlet runner beans, so much diversity in
    heirlooms, YES!!! That Tarahumara topping, if i understood well, its a
    native sorghum, never heard of it, i did hear sorghum can be popped just
    like popcorn but where do i get the seeds, ah, thanx to you for givin’ this
    valuable info’ on the websites listed here, thumbs up good buddy!! =)

  9. Gardening With Puppies Reply December 10, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    You have a great variety of interesting seeds there, Aaron. I’ll be looking
    forward to seeing them grow. I’ve been wanting to do a vid on the seeds you
    sent me but I’m having problems with my camera downloading to the computer
    so I haven’t been able to make any videos. I can’t wait to plant the seeds;
    especially the gem corn.

  10. Great looking seeds, if you are looking for a seed trading group I’m a
    member of ASA on Facebook, traded lots of seeds! (American Seed Alliance)

  11. Apricots can be hard on any other plants in their vicinity though. We have
    a big one on the back yard and it killed off three gardens before I
    researched it and found out a lot of plants don’t like it. All I’ve managed
    to grow around it is some asian basil and parsley.

  12. cant wait to see how some of these grow and produce.

  13. Ah Backer Creek take about $400 me every year. It’s a love hate
    relationship. Ha

  14. I believe you started sowing seeds at 8:50. Look for germination in 3-10
    days ;-) I look forward to watching your garden grow!

  15. TheWizardofGardening Reply December 10, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Awesome bro!! Look forward to seeing you grow these.

  16. Brandon, you can get those from a hobby store. Jewlery section has many
    different sizes.

  17. Looks like a tasty selection!

  18. great diversity, your making me drool. I cant wait to see everything green
    and growing

  19. apricots grow very fast and do very well over there. almonds, oranges and
    any other types of citrus, peaches, pineapple guava, mulberry, strawberry
    guava, and bananas to name a few. there are many many more im sure, but
    thats just off the top of my head. the apricots grow like weeds over there.
    hope this helps!! take care!!!!

  20. couldn’t resist the temptation to quip. The wind blew your seeds bec it
    thought you are taking a long time to sow them. lol I’m from Malaysia and
    have bought seeds from Bakaer Creek too. They are good people there. Love
    your videos and hoping you’d show us what became of the seeds you “grew” on
    the field under the grass and what became of the Praying Mantis sac?

  21. are you a vegen

  22. Great stuff! We’ll be growing some of the same things :) I’m still waiting
    for some seeds that I ordered, but I’m in no hurry since we have lots of
    snow still. Hope everything grows well for you, take care!

  23. I WISH!!! i would be a lot healthier and would not be as dependent on the
    grocery store.

  24. Where did you get the plastic baggies from that your seeds were in?? Like

  25. Those little peppers look like chili piquin–and they are DELISH! Good
    spice to them. I love trying new strains (well they’re old, but new to us)
    of seeds too. Got some strawberry spinach, Thessaloniki and San Marzanos,
    Perillas and a bunch of weird herbs I’ll try in moderation this year
    (drought). Subscribed. Want to see how that quinoa turns out! What zone are
    you in BTW? I’m in 7 and wondered whether some of that stuff you got might
    grow here if the seeds from that company generate well?