Rose Gardening : How to Propagate Rose Plants

Rose plants are easy to propagate by taking a cutting at a leaf line, dipping the end in honey and planting it in very moist soil. Get a rose clipping to spr…
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  1. Thanks for the info, I’ll try it this way.

  2. Garden Sheds Devon Reply December 20, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    I never thought that propagating rose plants is as simple as that. So far,
    your version is easy to follow as it was shown in details. If I will
    recommend techniques to my friends on rose gardening, I will surely
    recommend this to them.

  3. Id suggest wounding the cutting at the bottom with a sharp knife or
    something, promotes better root growth

  4. thanks gorgeous very informative!!

  5. Thank you. Will try this!

  6. @goldenpassages yes

  7. Thanks! I had no idea it was so simple.

  8. Excellent!!! It made it look so easy!!

  9. wow great video im going to try this i have vintage roses in the back of
    the house and its huge i want to start another rose bush someplace else.

  10. do you have to change the water while the roots are growing? p.s. this
    video really helped thanks so much!

  11. The best thing to do is to buy some root growing hormone. Use as directed.

  12. I’m really new to gardening, we just bought our first house a little over a
    year ago (yey!), and I really wante to try cloning a rose bush we have. So
    I started reading, and my head spun – hormones, little green houses made
    out of ziploc bags, exact measurements, aspirin in the water… Honestly,
    they made it sound so scary I ended up not doing it this year. Wish I
    checked you tube and saw your video first!

  13. that doesnt look like a rose to me

  14. Wow! rooting roses in water? what planet is she from?

  15. @conoslip lol I was thinking the same thing, I’ve never seen it either.

  16. @afype the cutting should be the same as the one from the park. In terms of
    the cut plant of the ones in the floral departments, it would not be
    adviseable. the roses in the floral departments are bread from roses from
    the very warm parts of the world and may not grow well in your climate zone

  17. Plants generally don’t rut, however animals such as deer rut around mating
    time. I don’t know of any animal that ruts in water, sorry.

  18. @Itrustnujesus cause probably the cutting didn’t take not all cutting will
    root and also you might want to wait till it stops flowering or in winter
    you will have more chances of a successful rooting. always try to take
    several cuttings off your plant so u can have more of a chance of
    propagating it. hope it helps take care Cheers

  19. lol – I was thinking the same thing. “Wait a minute I don’t have any honey”
    “Hmm I’ve got Golden Syrup though”.

  20. Couldn’t see what you were doing. Not sure about the “leaf line”. If that
    is where a leaf meets the stem, I suppose one plucks that leaf before
    placing in water.

  21. Hi, when I cut my rose like you said, I do not get roots growing in the
    water, help ?

  22. Actually You can root most roses without using rooting hormones rose
    cuttings contain auxin (indoleacetic acid — “IAA”), a natural
    root-promoting hormone. :)

  23. good infos. i will try it out

  24. It will have the same genetic material and grow the same, although some
    rootstocks such as fortuniana are typically more vigorous and speed up
    growth and size of some roses. The rose will be “own root” and grow like it
    is naturally supposed to grow and the blooms will be identical to the
    parent unless you propagate a sport of the parent rose.