Rose Gardening : How to Prune a Knock Out Rose Bush

A Knock Out rose bush requires little pruning, but trimming it back in the early spring will promote new and healthy growth. Prune back a Knock Out rose bush by one-third with helpful information…
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  1. I thought they remained very small, like 1 to 2 feet tall. This bush looks
    bigger than whst was explained to me. I thought only tea roses get this
    big. Anyone know?

  2. I thought they remained very small, like 1 to 2 feet tall. This bush looks
    bigger than whst was explained to me. I thought only tea roses get this
    big. Anyone know?

  3. Knockout roses are like iron – but don’t hurt the crown. I enjoy the
    thorns more than the flowers. If it’s not next to a fence simply use a
    hedge trimmer and hack away at it – it won’t hurt the plant at all. 

  4. Thank you for letting me know how it goes. I am very much happy to learn
    this very important process. This will really help you out and I believe
    that these ideas could help you produce a very healthy and productive roses
    in the end. 

  5. Reply April 20, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    this maybe a silly question but I’ve been having an argument with someone
    who keeps pruning the stems of our rose bush but complains the branches
    aren’t growing and so the bush must be dead! it was cut right back a few
    years ago, it’s pretty lush but has remained very compact for the last 2
    seasons – maybe I’m wrong but don’t the stems develop into branches and
    should be just left alone if you want branches to grow and spread?

  6. starRN08 – just be aware that propagating patented plants such as Knockout
    roses is illegal – and Yolanda should know that if she’s a master gardener.

  7. thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can I also plant those cut branches?
    Will they thrive?

  8. Thanks for advice. Growing roses is a fun pastime.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I have been needing good info in how to.

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  11. Jan Clifton Watford Reply April 20, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks for the info. I have some that have really taken off in the past
    year and i am wanting to cut them back before they come back in the Spring.

  12. I am sick of looking at my 4yo knockout roses. Pruned them in early spring
    as everyone recommends–it’s now June and they’re still just a tangle of
    leggy and ugly canes. Weeding around them is impossible. I’m ready to dig
    them out and replace them with civilized shrubbery.

  13. StarksBrothersHomes Reply April 20, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Thanks for posting…. Great tips for homeowners.

  14. In 2013 parts of Texas have had a “plague” of grasshoppers that have
    stripped leaves and roses from some of our knockout rose bushes. If I cut
    the roses to 18 inches, will the Knockouts survive? We used a vegetable and
    garden spray to kill the grasshoppers, but after a rain, we have to
    respray. Other suggestions for saving Knockout Roses? We’re also spraying
    Crape Myrtles, pecan trees, peach trees and pomegranite bushes. In 2012 we
    lost a 20ft. pecan tree to grasshoppers!

  15. Theoretically you never ever prune back a rose bush in the fall or winter.
    Early spring is best. I never let my Knock Out Rose get big and round. I
    leave three main shoots from the bottom and prune from below the plant
    first. This gives the lower plant good airflow and no branches in the soil
    to invite pests. I like the look of a well pruned rose bush so in the
    spring I cut back a third starting from the bottom. Mine is in a bed and it
    is 2 ft by 4 ft even after many years.

  16. You might as well have a 3 yr old just start hacking away at your poor
    plant. That was a HORRIBLE demo. That was basically the most lazy way to
    prune a rose. I realize that’s somewhat the whole idea she was trying to
    convey yet if you follow her advise you are risking loosing 100% of your
    plant. Her demo gives zero positive feedback. You NEED to look at what part
    you cut, not just at a certain angle. I recommend watching ROGERS GARDENS
    video. I will look up the exact name it’s under and post.

  17. theoretically that is the worse pruning demonstration iv’e ever seen.

  18. It is so entertaining to me that there are thousands of videos on
    propagating, pruning and starting roses on youtube. Always respect patents.
    The videos are based on Google searches. Propagating plants with patents
    and selling them is illegal and I know this because I am a Master Gardener~
    Thanks for watching me on youtube! You can find me on Facebook and Twitter!

  19. Rose Pruning with Lynn Hillman representing Rogers Gardens will show you
    what a rose pruning demo is suppose to look like. And yes, I realize this
    woman is showing you the Easy/Totally Lazy way to prune, I guarantee once
    you see Lynn’s video you will see how much work SHOULD go into pruning,
    unless you want a bush that shows dead roses at all times. I’m fine with
    having a wild looking, not so uniformed bush, but prune it properly and it
    will look so much better with much new growth and new roses

  20. Thank you for your tips on knockout roses I have one that has grown huge
    and I wack the mess out of it it is very hard to kill these bushes my
    husband and I tried to dig up a few of the bushes we had and could not get
    all of the roots and a few months later we had a new bush growing from the
    roots we missed so a the negative comments are from “rose growers” with
    traditional bushes not knockout roses these people need to go back to their
    roses that get diseases and be quiet.