Runescape money making guide 200k+ for 5 minutes work! Herb farming method with tips, Tamilz

Runescape money making guide with skills! Wanna be rich in Runescape? You may make an extra 200k+ per hour for spending just less than 5 minutes! This method can be combined with other ways of making money for extra profits. For example, you can kill green dragons while the herbs are growing, in order to make 750k+ an hour. —————————– Tamilz’s guide, of how to;- “make money!” Herb farming (200k+ per 75 minutes) You only need 5 minutes to do that. It can be combined with other methods for extra profits! Choosing herbs; I usually choose 1 expensive herb seed and 4 cheaper herb seeds, eg 1 snapdragon and 4 toadflax Researching Grand Exchange; You can simply check which herbs are going up in price. If the price drops, you get less herbs! Herb patches are linked with with GE Therefore it’s wise to choose to plant something that goes up in price, in order to increase the yield. After choosing the herbs wisely, plant the expensive herb seed in Troll Stronghold ‘roof’ which is a disease-free Herb patch. Likewise, plant the cheaper seeds in all other patches so you don’t have to worry if they die. Recommended levels; Farming level 59 Magic level 61 Agility level 43 Recommended quests; Eadgar’s Ruse Ghosts Ahoy A Fairy Tale Part I My Arm’s Big Adventure Recommended diaries; Lumbridge and Draynor Diary Falador Achievement Diary Recommended items; Magic secateurs – Increases the yield by 10% Falador shield 2 – 10%+ xp for fally patch If you don’t have the
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  3. I dont even play runescape but i stayed for the music xD’

  4. what did you use to record this?

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  6. I’m looking for a farming tactic for low lvl. Doesn’t need to be do rewarding. Anyone know one?

  7. super compost gives more

  8. how many snap dragons do you get per seed

  9. xXD4rKwO7fXxGaming Reply October 2, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Ive had my runescape account for 6 years and i havent been playing since 09″ Laugh out loud im only 77 so oldd

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  11. does using supercompost giv eu more herbs or does fertile soil spell give more ?

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  13. dont buy supercompost make it yourself with pineapples its much cheaper

  14. Check out this guide, it’s MUCH better tbh. /watch?v=vEAXDq6Pm10

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  16. Snapdragons use to be like 25k. If you planted them in all patches, and got the maximum herb yield (14)…you would make 1.7m XD

  17. can anyone note the herbs? or is a quest involved i never learned how

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  21. lol i have a farm bot that does fally camelot and ardy and logs out when the herbs are growing and logs back in when the herbs are ready its flawless :)

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  23. I liked it so much I had to!

  24. how do i buy the seeds? no one is selling toadflax seeds =(

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