Sauteed Chicken w/ Tomatoes & Goat Cheese Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 521

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25 Responses to “Sauteed Chicken w/ Tomatoes & Goat Cheese Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 521”

  1. Saluzdina Banderas Reply February 7, 2013 at 2:32 am

    Laura you the nigga dough

  2. She used to until she was 12

  3. Do you live in Italy?

  4. Rfghkbxf

  5. I did this dish and loved it!!! I’m now a fan of Laura Vitale!!!

  6. yes I’m aware of that. But wouldn’t you prefer to learn Italian cuisine from an Italian rather than a Japanese? But still it just my opinion. I mean most of people (me included) subscribe to this channel for the Italian food, since we knew from the start that it will be an authentic Italian. Not just recipes taken randomly from the internet, but real recipes from her ancestor. Homemade recipe in a traditional Italian homes and not the Americanized restaurant version. :)

  7. ik that , i mean complementary side dishes

  8. all her recipes are on her website

  9. did you lose you voice :o i dunno you sound different haha :)

  10. 4:00 Happy Dance lol

  11. Laura vitale you are my favourite cook have you been to cooking school

  12. What happend to your voice :/?

  13. Cinthia Selene Yepez Rodriguez Reply February 7, 2013 at 9:53 am

    The recipe is not on the website!


  15. like i just finish making this and tasted it omgee DELISH wow i didnt expect that my side is asparagus and baby carrot it is really good

  16. yes it does

  17. can u make toasted cheese jaffels? this recipie looks gr8

  18. Looks delicious :)

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  20. Laura this is my new favorite chicken recipe by far. I didn’t have any fresh basil on hand so I added in dried basil the same time I was sautéing the garlic. It’d be way better with fresh basil, but I had all your other ingredients already. It’s so delicious I’ll definitely be making this again on a semi-regular basis. THANK YOU!

  21. just buy the quantity of foods you need.. the store is always open.. it’s really not that hard.

  22. She threw it in the sauce at the very end if you look closely

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  24. I love your funny little happy dance when you taste your food :)

  25. very nice and simple