Save Your Own Tomato Seeds

This how-to explains how you can save your own tomato seeds, so you can save money and have the satisfaction of growing your own tomatoes year after year wit…
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17 Responses to “Save Your Own Tomato Seeds”

  1. you might like to consider window farming. just youtube window farming!

  2. @rkrizan ok thanks :)

  3. very informative. Now is it 1 seed equals 1 plant?? and I assume you just
    put a seed in a small container just under some soil and patiently wait?

  4. Very informative but seeds don’t cost much so why bother ?

  5. @rkrizan Now that makes perfect sense.

  6. nice job man what soil should i use for the tomatoes?

  7. @rkrizan did you know you can clone tomato plants. It works best with the
    underminate kind because they produce lots of suckers. You just wait until
    a sucker is big enough and then you remove it from the parent plant. And
    put it into the soil. About 10 cm deep into the soil is great, but more and
    less is also OK. The entire stem wil now form roots. So if you have a plant
    at then end of the summer just take some cuttings and plant them indoor in
    a pot. Next spring you have several new plants :D

  8. Hm then explain to me why when I bit into an apple four years ago I got a
    seed that had already sprouted a root inside the apple? I planted it and
    now I have a little tree growin in my back yard:)

  9. how long can you store the seed for?

  10. Wow Dude Thanks For The Video For Real, I Was Trying To Find One Like This
    (With A Lot Of Info) …….Would A Frodge Be A Good Place To Store The
    Seeds ???

  11. they probbley have been irratiaded. cuz every year id plant them and get a
    good harvest, until one day nothing, oh and they had no label on them as
    they should have at the supermarket store where I bought them, which by the
    way are a monopaly in our town thier everywhere, and all the local ones are
    gone. its called an H.E.B grocery here in texas.

  12. with Monsanto the FDAS watchdogs this will be a thing of the past. I cant
    even grow the green peppers anymore.

  13. Ohkay So Do You Think A Basement Would Be Good But A Year I DOnt Think Ill
    Even Remember About It Ahhh Its Tough But Thanks !!!!

  14. 3 or 4 years there suppose to be good for then, they “run out”, as it’s
    known. A difference in view?

  15. thank you

  16. @rkrizan you don’t need a lot of space for it. Just a sunny window is
    enough. So when you have a very good tomato plant you can keep it forever
    :p. Today I harvested 10 tomatoes from mine. And left 10 ripe on. Already
    had a good harvest this year. From only 6 plants 2 varieties. I counted the
    remaining green tomatoes and it’s over 100 and still coming. They taste so
    much better then the supermarket tomatoes.

  17. Thanks for this video, very cool! A question: like you did the process of
    extracting the seeds from the cavities, would I be able to use to seeds
    straight away in seed starters? I basically want to take a tomato, take the
    seeds out and plant straight away. Is that possible or do I have to go
    through the process you are showing, maybe until the drying part? Or do I
    have to let them dry as well? Thanks for your help.