Saving Seed – Sweet Corn – Sept 2011 Vegetable Garden

Let the ears dry on the stalk and collect the seed. Visit The Bayou Gardener @

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  1. The g90 will be hard to find online but I’m sure if you Google the others they’ll pop up. You may want to check out Morgan County Seeds they have a good selection and good service…..Donald

  2. Mr Donald would you be able to connect me with a place to get the heirloom seeds? You can email me at rexbrowder at gmail . Com if you don’t mind. I’m looking for the g90 seed and pencil cob. Also okra.

  3. Glad you enjoyed and you’re welcome…..Donald

  4. thank you so much for sharing this video. We are new to things like this and appreciate learning how to do more for ourselves…Keep up the great work and God bless!!

  5. After a couple of seasons you’ll be a pro. :-) Watch my videos and you’ll see just how simple it can be ….Donald

  6. Thanks so much Donald! :) First year my self and the old garden: NEVER taken sweetcorn off of the stalk before! and before this video had thought the seeds were what grew on top of the stalk! XD (Y) thanks again! :)

  7. “Broke the corn” means “harvesting the corn”. Once the ears you didn’t harvest for sweet corn have dried on the stalk, like in the video, you can harvest the dried ears and save the seed…..Donald

  8. but what do you mean by “broke the corn” does that mean you cut it down to dry or leave it in the ground to dry?

  9. Once the season is over and I’ve harvested the ears the stalks are tilled back into the soil……Donald

  10. should i cut the stalk at the end of the season or just leave it in the ground to dry?

  11. Corn and Okra are two that pretty much need to dry on the plant. Others need only be fully matured like tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, melon, squash, etc. Also, they need to be an open pollinated / heirloom variety. No hybrids……Donald

  12. As long as the seed dries on the vine can you save seed from most plants??

  13. Thanks, I may do that…..Donald

  14. thank you so much for this video now I know how to save seed for my blue jade corn I already saved and planted kumato seeds for they are a hybrid tomato that is brown in color and yield 40% more heart healthy lycopene than any other tomato. they are expensive to buy so I saved my own instead. give those a try you have not live til you have tasted them best tomato ever tasted in my life!

  15. I don’t think you’ll have much success saving seeds from corn purchased in the store. The ears have to mature / dry on the stalks…..Donald

  16. The variety determines the average number of ears on the stalk…..Donald

  17. Well, it depends on if that corn is non GMO and Heirloom, meaning that the seeds will reproduce. Many “hybrid” and genetically modified vegtables will not reproduce – what does THAT tell you!?! So ask the grocer if the corn is “heirloom and non-GMO” and if he/she can’t tell you, move on.

  18. You are hitting on something that I think is critical for all gardener’s, small or hobby farmers and preppers – save seed!! If you don’t know how to get started then buy a “Seed Vault” and start there.It won’t be long til the US starts forcing us to use “registered” seed like they are doing in the UK. Just google “Seed Law in UK” and it will give you chills!!

    I heard that stalks that have double ears are the ones to leave as they are considered the most productive. Anything on that?

  19. Glad it helped….Donald

  20. Thank you for this video! it answered ever thing i need to know. Keep up the great work.

  21. All this stuff is real easy to do once you see it……Donald

  22. No, let the ears dry on the stalks in the garden. Got to let the seed mature…..Donald

  23. Well I’m a young woman and I can see it too. We all have to change and quit being weak and slow.

  24. So I need to cut the stalk first, then let it dry in full sun? I was thinking the same thing about taking the corn off to feed chickens. We need more videos like this to teach everyone how to do this stuff. People are getting too sold.

  25. I’m told to use paper bags instead of plastic…..Donald