Saving the Seeds From Your Garden

Save your garden seeds and save money by not having to buy more seeds the next season. After a disaster if garden seeds become unavailable you will need to s…

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  1. I’ve been saving and using my own garden seeds for 40 plus years. Many have been used after 7 or more years in storage with the average being 3 years, I never saved any in the fridge and never saved any in the freezer. Some were saved in mason jars and others in paper bags and I rotate through them each year. All were kept in a dry environment with no great fluctuation in temperatures. National Geographic has articles of seeds thousands of years old being successfully germinated.

  2. ConcernedMushroom Reply August 30, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    another REALLY good reason to save your seed and then use them the next season is that after a few seasons/generations your seeds/plants become regionally specific…meaning they adapt to your microclimate

  3. thenewsurvivalist Reply August 30, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    I grew them from non-hybrid seeds I purchased from my hardware store.

  4. Where did you buy your plants?

  5. Good tips. Seeds seem extremely cheap in the stores for me, but it’s good to know these seed saving techniques in case “shit hits the fan”

  6. Great Video, Thanks

  7. Love the Gadsden flag! Thanks for the info on seed collection.

  8. Yes, you can store them for years.

  9. Another great video Doc! Can you store longer than a year?

  10. thenewsurvivalist Reply August 31, 2013 at 1:25 am


  11. Do you need to worry about cross pollination of different type of lettuce?

  12. Great info! thanks!

  13. Hey Survival doc, do you know if there is a way to preserve lettuce in jars? Like could you pickle them as well? Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the video survival doc. Have you thought about doing a video on wild edibles/foraging or are you familiar with that subject??? This way you will always have a source of sustenance even if a tornado, hurricane, earth quake or flood wipes out or contaminates all your saved up food surplus??

  15. hey doc, make sure you practice crop rotation so you dont drain your soil of particular nutrients. Also certain crops attract pests into the soil so rotate crops in order to keep from building up pests.

  16. do you grow medicinal plants? ;)

  17. WOW what great lettuce. Good job. On seeds, just make sure they are Heirloom variety though (or a variety that will produce true to kind). One year I had these tomato seeds from last years tomato crop. I grew these tomato “looking” plants the next year and then thorns showed up; the fruit was bitter. Great vid Doc!

  18. grow a magic beanstalk doc.