Saving tomato seeds!

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12 Responses to “Saving tomato seeds!”

  1. Thank you! Love the sound of your wind-chimes!

  2. Subed and shared!

  3. Love the way this homefarmer explains ideas and tips, and also love the
    sound of the wind-chimes. Music to the soul!

  4. they need to be dry, that’s the only requirement, preferably no moisture at
    all, but nothing’s perfect either.

  5. Yes you sure can:) If you ever have any other gardening/farming type
    questions maybe join my facebook page and group? People post all day there
    and there is lots of people waiting to help! PM me on youtube and I will
    send you links for my other pages:)

  6. excellent! ‘snot in a rag’ fell out of my chair… laughing ʘ‿ʘ

  7. Do you need to let the seeds dry for two weeks? Or is one week okay?

  8. Also can you do the same with cherry tomatoes?

  9. @markelious I’m happy you liked it:) Did you get a chance to read through
    my blog?

  10. @Silvermoonacres LoL:) I did a little but I did say I was not going to use
    these seeds. I mumbled in the video that I have some stored already:) Sorry
    for the mumbling:)

  11. I think you got some of your brandy wine seeds in with your zebra tomato
    seeds.. = )

  12. why don’t you just load the “snot” into a strainer and rinse all the pulp
    off the seeds?